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Hidden History of Demons in Ancient Times

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It appears as though evil lurks around us at any given time and legends about those who bring upon unfortunate things upon humans varies from culture to culture. Sometimes we forget the power that the belief of nefarious entities has had on us since the beginning of civilization. Many of them might share mysterious similarities that might make you wonder about the origins of these tales. From demons that come out from the forest to eat your kids, to hybrid creatures that want to devour your soul, here is the hidden history of Demons in ancient times

10. The Penangalan, Malaysia
One of the stranger and more frightening vampires on this list, is arguably the Penangalan. This mythical vampire can detach its head from the rest of its body and then float around. This one tends to go hunting for victims late at night, in a pretty gruesome fashion. According to legend. It’ll float around with it’s spinal column and internal organs while it glows in the dark. The internal organs also act as tentacles in away to move obstacles out of it’s way and to latch on to the source of blood. Nothing is off limits for this terrifying creature of the night and will devour any living mammal in sight, including babies! Don’t forget about but evil woman’s incredible long tongue either! This isn’t your average tongue, and it’s shaped like a straw in order to drink your blood easier! It can also apparently go underneath doors. We certainly hope it’s not real and if even it it’s not, it’s certainly frightening enough to the point to keep you from visiting the country of Malaysia!

9 Upyr The Russian Vampire
This mysterious vampire legend comes from Russia and there’s only one thing that will quench his thirst more than vodka, you guess it! Human blood. This vampire demon could pass off for a normal human but the only thing that will give it away is its metal, shiny teeth. It’ll do more than just drink your blood, it’ll feast on your flesh as well. Legend has it, that it love the taste of hearts since so much blood as passed through it. Upir prefers hunting down children but when it’s really hungry, it doesn’t really care who’s blood it’s sucking. It also won’t mind the taste of dirt either. It’s believed that during each winter, the Upir will actually chew its way out of the grave and then go back into sleep mode once the feast is over. In contrast to traditional vampires, it comes up during the day and sleeps at night! Sounds like one productive vampire!

8. Ancient Greek Vampires
The ancient greeks had similar legends to what would would consider to be your modern day vampire. A daughter of the goddess Hecate named empusa was described as being a demonic bronze footed creature. She’d roam around, feasting on blood but would take the disguise as a beautiful greek women. This is one woman you don’t wanna mess with and you shouldn’t let her beauty fool you. She would seduce men with her beauty and then as they fell asleep, she’d feast on their blood. When she was real thirsty, she’d find homeless people sleeping on the sleep and attack them as well. However, one day she decided to attack the wrong guy! The almighty Zeus was sleeping on the street one day and when she went in for the kill, zeus overpowered her with his wrath and empusa was defeated! In her original form he’s depicted as wearing bronze slippers, having a leg of a donkey and a prosthetic bronze leg for the other one.

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