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From intelligent dogs that may be illegal to own in your country. To dogs that have been fierce protectors since roman times, here Guard Dogs You Don’t Want to Mess With

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6. German Shepherd
Dogs are going to stick out as one of the best pets to have during the zombie apocalypse right away. They have super hearing capabilities, a keen nose and enhancing these senses will certainly help you survive. Dogs are quite trainable and who says you can’t train your dog to fight zombies. German Shepherds are going to be one of the best breeds especially since many are loyal and can be trained to attack intruders. German shepherds have been used by police officers and the military as a key component in their arsenal. If you google german shephard swearing you certainly won’t be disappointed.

5. Giant Schnauzers
Not only are these dogs extremely loyal to their owners, they also do a good job of protecting the house! These big dogs have big hearts and are normally a priced addition to a family. They naturally lovers and not fighters and must endure strict training to be a formidable guard dog. Violent tendencies will more than likely never happen with a family member and they’ve been noted for their extreme discipline. Although they aren’t the happy go lucky type of dog who will wag his tail every time you walk into the house, they’re more of a territorial and intelligent breed. Depending on what breed you decide to go with, the intelligence will vary. But for the most part, all dogs are pretty smart animals with keen instincts.As you can tell from this photo, the dogs need a lot of grooming and are known to shed. It’s not a good dog to make spur of the moment decision to buy an adorable schnauzer puppy..

4. Bullmastiff
This popular mixed breed is a combo of the Bulldog and the mastiff which gives it a much larger size than your average bulldog. Some can weigh anywhere from 100 pounds to 130 pounds during adulthood and you don’t want to get attacked by one of these guys. One of their notable features are their strong shoulders which makes running and tackling an intruder much easier. As puppies, they can grow pretty quickly which means you might need to stock up on some puppy chow. One of the qualities that makes them a good guard dog, is that their rather silent and are known to strike with stealth when they need too. Believe it or not, they were even used by Europeans in Africa to hunt animals like baboons or even leopards! Throughout history, they’ve been revered for their excellent performance protecting English Aristocracy.

3. Cane Corso
This smart and trainable dog breed has been known to work as a guard dog since ancient roman times. Throughout history, they’ve been noted for their impeccable guardian skills and their name in latin actually means Bodyguard dog. Throughout the middle ages, they were revered for their hunting abilities and trainers love them for their calm demeanor, which makes them naturally well suited for being a family dog as well. For a long period of time, these were only known to exist throughout italy. It’s a fairly rare dog breed and before 1988, you’d actually have to travel to this country to get one. However, due to the breeding efforts when it was on the brink of extinction which has led to inbreeding.

2. Boerboel
Due to fairly common farm attacks in south africa, guard dogs have become all the rage and likely so. One of the prefered dogs among south african farmers is the Boerboel or also known as the South African Mastiff. European settlers brought over Mastiffs where were likely crossed with native African Landrace dogs for added speed. With some weighing 178 pounds, you’re probably not going to be getting away if one of these are sitting on top of you. They’ve actually been known to hold their ground against some of the most voracious appetite. Their bravery seems rather unmatchable and they’ve fought to the end to defend their owners. The only slight setback is that the dog has been known to show aggression to other dogs.

One of the oldest herding dogs to exist, the Rottweiler makes it’s debut as man’s best friend during the roman empire. They found their way into Germany when the Romans decided to invade and ever since, they’ve been a popular breed throughout europe. Rottweilers are known to be intelligent and fierce animals and their popularity soared during the early 1900’s. They’ve been described as cooperative, willing to work, and when they have to be, aggressive. Their territorial instincts sometimes may get the best of the them and these canines are even banned in a few countries like Ireland, Ecuador, and Malaysia. Despite some negative media by the press, the rottweiler has been praised as a hero in some cases fighting off serious crimes or animals attacking humans like we see in this photo with a bear,.

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