Giant Legends and Discoveries

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Physical evidence, countless legends, photographs of artifacts and even rare mutations seems to support some evidence that giants may have roamed on planet earth at one point in time. Today we’re going to take a closer look at some various different accounts from the past and see if any of these stories could lead actually confirmation. From a mysterious footprint left in stone, to modern giants today, here are Giant Legends and Discoveries.

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6. The Plain of Jars
Could giants have existed in asia at some point? The name pretty much describes this place located in the southeast asian country of Laos. Most of it’s flat but occasionally there’s a hill and oh yeah there’s lots of ancient jars too. Over 2000 to be exact. No one knows exactly who left them there or what they were used for. Some theorize the jars were used for making various forms of rice wine but the true answer have yet to be solved. Local legends talk about there being a race of giants who once inhabited the area, which would almost make sense due to the fact. Others believe it’s a crematorium after some ashes were discovered. But there weren’t enough jars like this to determine that that’s what they were used for. But could it be true that these jars were here first and once used by giants like local legends state.

5. Ispolin
Bulgaria also had plenty of rumors about giants who were believed to have inhabited earth much before humans did. They thought that dwarves originally were created first, then giants, then modern day humans which were somewhere between the two. Myths describe these giants as being 9-10 feet tall possibly resembling a cyclops type creature, similar to ancient greek legends. They also had a fear of blackberries which would cause them to trip, and perish in their thorns. Could archaeologists have possibly spotted some remains of these tripped up giants in modern times? Things got a little more interesting though when a giant was discovered near the city of Varna 2015. While many western media outlets are quick to dismiss this as a hoax, bulgarian archaeology sites will contest those claims and say it’s the real deal. The claim to have found the skeleton underneath the site of an ancient wall which would almost suggest that the body was put there to serve some sort of purpose. And did they build those walls to keep the giants out or were they the ones who built the wall? More good sources exist in bulgarian so if we find a translator, let us know more about this in the comment section.

4. Giant Bones In Georgia
Being a researcher of some forbidden history, might not always bode well with everyone and knowing too much can be your own worst enemy at times. Finally the science channel ran a documentary about the discovery of bones belonging to seemingly giant people. Keep in mind, this is in the same area as the Dolmens we talked about earlier. Two skeletons were uncovered right next to each other and were deemed to be giants by the the archaeologists. The lead researcher of the site went missing and so did the bones. Expeditions lead by writers and other people who feel as though the bones are still out there, seem to at least prove their faith that there are more giant bones out there. He suggested that the bones could belong to a race of people who were roughtly 2.5 to 3 meters in height, making them about the height of wadlow. Two people suffering from gigantism being buried right next to eachother would be very slim. There have also been many mysterious bigfoot sightings in this area which would lead you to believe that something mysterious could still be out here.

3. Lovelock Cave Incident
There are quite a few mysterious things going on in Northwestern Nevada that you might not realise. Not only is it home to the worlds oldest petroglyphs, but also possibly giant skeleton remains! The mysterious paiute tribe had many legends and tales about giants in their mythology and they once roamed the lands where these giants were discovered. They talked about a race of red haired giants who would feast on the bodies of the paiutes and they were known as the Si-Te-Cah. Loveland cave had plenty of fossils of mammoths and cave bears which would either suggest this was a mix up or plenty of protein for the giants to feast on. But some of the sandals that we see in this photo were extremely large, at least 15 inches long! Mummified remains that would match details left by the paiutes were allegedly discovered in 1911 during guano excavations. Underneath 4 feet of guano, they discovered mummies over 8 feet tall. Many claim the smithsonian suppressed evidence of the smithsonian, but in any case, it goes to show how wide spread the claims of giants are at one point.

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