Facts That’ll Make You Believe in Aliens

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From organisms that seem fit for survival on other planets, to the sheer number of exoplanets out there, here are facts that’ll make you believe in Aliens

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5. Sightings Around the US
UFO sightings certainly exist in modern times as well and between 2001 to 2015, there have been roughly 120,000 recorded UFO sightings in the US. During that period of time California reported the most sightings with 3200 total. An come on, if you were an alien with a spaceship, you’d probably want to check out the earthlings in their swimsuits there as well. The author of the book called UFO Sightings Desk Reference: United States of America 2001-2015 claims that the media rarely wants to report of these kind of sightings since they worry too much about being ridiculed..

4. Number of Exoplanets
Proxima Centauri B is the closest known exoplanet and it’s located in our own galaxy.A team of scientists collaborated and believe, they’ve spotted some signs of oxygen, water vapor, and methane. Another exoplanet, Keplar 22 is twice the size of earth but almost completely covered in water. Scientists actually don’t know for sure if it has liquid water because it’s about 620 light years away.But that’s not all. Now imagine a solar system of a total of 7 different earth like planets all lined up right next to each other. It is certainly a reality and in 2017 not just one or 2 earth like planets were discovered but an astonishing total of 7 exoplanets, all orbiting a small star named Trappist one about 40 light years away. Just in case you were wondering, that’s about 235 trillion miles away from planet earth. There are roughly 2,300 exoplanets that we know about at the moment.

3. Nasa Hackers
Whether or not you want to believe this guy is up to you, but it’s been confirmed that he did hack nasa’s database so why not listen what he has to say! Gary McKinnon, who many believe to be the greatest hacker of all time, claims to have uncovered mind boggling information that Nasa has been keeping secret. The claims that the entire program of Nasa, is just a cover up for a much more advanced space program, capable of reaching different planets. He states that “we now have the technology to take ET home”. He says that flying saucers are very real and that there’s two types. The ones we built, and the one’s they built. Not only have aliens crashed onto earth, but we’ve been able to reverse engineer their technology, using anti gravity as an energy source.

2. Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program
If the government really didn’t think there was a true threat from outer space, why would the department of defense spend 22 million dollars on a secret plan to acquire as much knowledge on the existence of aliens and UFO’s as possible This was partly funded by one of our former nevada Senators, Harry Reid and Robert Bigelow. A recent document that has not been classified contains details of roughly 490 pages of UFO sightings for several decades all around the world! The person who was in charge of the project Luis Elizondo claims that there is compelling evidence that we may not be alone. The project began in 2007 but in 2017 videos were released by the state department which seems to be pretty clear evidence of a flying saucer spotted by the navy. The pilot spotted a whole fleet of saucers near san diego in 2004! Finally, the gov acknowledged the program existed. What more evidence and videos was this powerful program capable of acquiring and when can we see it! We encourage everyone to dig a little deep on this one.

1.Abductions and Implants
Throughout the centuries we’ve heard of stories about people being abducted by aliens and would never really think it could happen to us. Some people have been given detailed accounts and many of the accounts have matched with a precise amount of detail, even while giving testimonies in separate rooms. People will find a random scar and inside are often an implants. A man named Daryll Sims actually collects these alien devices. After analyses have been conducted, they could determine that this implant taken from someone’s foot was actually comprised of the same materials as meteorites. One of the strangest photos out there from an abduction seems to be from the Falcon Lake incident. He claims to have approached a landed saucer which burnt his gloves immediately. He woke up in the hospital with this strange distinct patter on his abdomen. This is considered to be Canada’s most well documented UFO case, so take a look at some of of these we mentioned today and let us know if you’re a believer!

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