Does a new study show a link between teen suicide and Mormon populations? (COMMENTARY)

(RNS) The Rational Faiths blog ran a fascinating — and disturbing — post recently from political science professor Benjamin Knoll, analyzing in considerable detail the alleged link between Mormonism and teen suicide.

You’ve probably seen this in the news over the last few months: In the wake of the LDS church’s policy changes regarding gay Mormons in same-sex marriages (and their children), some in the LGBT community have noted a terrifying increase in the number of suicides and calls to suicide hotlines among LGBT Mormon youth and young adults.

But these claims, however important, have been based on anecdotal evidence, not social science research.

Knoll’s piece, “Youth Suicide Rates and Mormon Religious Context: An Additional Empirical Analysis,” is based on data.

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His research takes the conversation far beyond Utah to encompass suicide statistics in the entire United States from 2009 to 2014 — something…

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