DANGEROUS Roads You Would Never Want To Drive On !

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From some of the most intense racetracks, to windy dirt roads with steep elevations, here are dangerous roads you would never want to drive on.

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5. Magnetic Hill India
Also known as cyclops hill this strange mountain is known for its magnetic properties and some believe that cars look like their defying gravity while going down hill. Some feel as though the magnetism here is so strong, that the force can actually move cars on its own. The strange phenomenon has been captured on tape in various experiments and airplanes that fly over it will fly at a higher altitude. It hard to say how much of it is legend and how much is real. Some blogs explain how different parts of the hill have more magnetism than other parts but it’s not the entire hill.

4. Sani Pass
Lesotho is a landlocked country, completely surrounded by South Africa and has somehow remained independent. Its Geographical location separates it from South Africa and makes it the only nation that lies completely over a kilometer above sea level. In any case, in order to get to this country, one must take a street called sani pass in order to reach the necessary elevation. Some have wanted lesetho to be annexed by south africa which would help give it access to other parts of the world. Reaching the top, if you have clear conditions, consider yourself extremely lucky. Possibly one of the steepest and most crooked roads in the world, the weather is usually terrible. It could be closed due to snow in some cases and you might also noticed it’s mainly unpaved, mainly to preserve the nature in the area. It’s uncommon to see cars that are completely wrecked at the bottom of the cliffs and it’s a reminder that it’s a road you don’t wanna drive on.

3. Vance Creek Bridge
Hidden behind countless evergreen trees is an abandoned bridge that measures 347 feet above the ground and you would certainly never want to drive on it. . This was at one point the tallest 2nd trestle bridge in the US. It was used as an important route to transport lumber from Washington’s lush forests. Eventually, when the government decided to protect the land nearby and not cut down the trees, the bridge was no longer needed. Legends have told tales of not only the bridge being haunted but also the creek down below. At night, there’s been sightings of a woman, floating from the bottom to the top. At one point it was a hotspot for instagrammers looking to get a cool shot in order to get some likes. Are like really worth your life? They have tried to implement no trespassing signs in order to deter vandalism and loitering.

2. Dayton International Speedway
It doesn’t get the name speed way for nothing folks. This is the most dangerous street in Nascar and it’s been a location that’s broken many hearts. Dale Earnhardt on his final lap lost control of his vehicle striking the outside barrier head on. He was transported to a hospital but didn’t make it. This is always a possibility each time these guys suit up and race and most are willing to take that risk especially for the prize at daytona. Nearly 30 people have paid the ultimate price for being the top nascar driver. The fastest speed at dayton was a recorded 210 miles an hour giving you an idea how much force these 3,350 pound vehicles can put out. Interesting specifications are made to the cars now with head to neck restraints but they can only do so much to keep the drivers 100 percent safe. With some events holding over 100,000 people for nascar, these are some of the most dedicated fans out there and their saftey can certainly be at risk as well.

1. Isle of Man Race Track
For over a century now, the isle of man located in the Irish Sea has hosted one of the most dangerous races on the planet. Also known as the TT this race track is well known for its motorcycle crashes which only adds to its danger. Adrenaline junkies and people with the need for speed will compete and this 37.5 mile long road could be the most dangerous in all of Europe. Speedsters put on a death-defying show on closed down public streets while reaching speeds over 200 miles an hour and posting an average speed of 130 miles an hour. As you can tell from looking at a map, the racetrack covers a huge portion of the little island.As we all know weather conditions in the UK can get a little bit wet which certainly ads to its difficulty.

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