Creepiest and Most Mysterious Ancient Places

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From oddly built pyramids in sudan, to the largest Aztec temple of doom, here the creepiest and most mysterious ancient places.

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5. Easter Island
Easter Island remains one of the most mysterious places in the world and no one knows exactly what happened to the people. These statues called “moai” are found all over Easter Island and had an estimation of about 3000 people living on this isolated island, 2300 miles from the coast of Chile. These monolithic statues weigh about 14 tons each, (one even weighing 270 tons) and took extreme, hard work to construct. The strange thing about the disappearance of the civilization, is that many moai statue were left unfinished, almost like they left the island in a hurry. Just digging below these monolithic statues has also revealed that they are much larger than previously though.

4. Myra Necropolis
Located in the ancient city of Myra in Southern Turkey lies a city that appears to look good enough for people who are actually alive. But it was in fact built to house only the diseased. Roman emperors loved the site and under their rule, this city was thriving from trade during the first few centuries AD. Later on, it was even the capital of the Byzantine empire for a brief period of time These stunning tombs are built out of the hillside just above Myra’s prized theater. Although they have faded somewhat today, at one point, they were brightly colored with brilliant shades of red, yellow, blue, purple when the city had reached its peak in the 4th century BC. It’s believed by many that this is the actually hometown of jolly Saint Nick.

3. The Meroe Pyramids
The Sahara is the largest hot desert in the world and it’s also one of the least densely populated regions. For a huge desert about the size of the United States, there’s roughly 200,000 people who actually live on the desert sands. We are all familiar with the mysteries of the Great Pyramids in Giza along the Nile River, but what about the Meroe Pyramids from the Kushite Kingdom! These were the Nubians that the Egyptians would often wage war with, in present day Sudan. The Nubians had learned quite a few things from their neighbors from the north, but couldn’t really replicate the pyramids in a similar fashion and they were left with much steeper angles. There are about 200 of these ancient buildings, constructed around 2700 years ago which served as tombs for kings and queens.

2. Nan Madol
On the tiny island of Pohnpei, Micronesia like an ancient city in ruins. It’s believed to have had at one point 25,000 people around 1500 BC. Scholars believe that at least 500,000 metric tons of material were transported to this ancient site in order build this city. Some individual boulders weigh as much as 50 tons each. The 200 acre sized city is also mysterious in the sense that it was made up 100 artificial islands. Many artifacts were found at this site including several thousand shell tools, ornaments and pottery. Inhabitants of this island believe the area is cursed and think the stones were transported using black magic. If only things like this were that easy to explain!

1. Tiwanaku
What may appear to be an ordinary stone structure built at an altitude of 12.5 thousand feet becomes quite intriguing after doing further research some of the stones in this city weigh about 150 tons and some believe this is the oldest city in the world. Modern carbon dating suggest that the city was built sometime between 800-400 BC but the techniques of the sanding of stones leads many to believe it’s much older, dating back to about 15,000 BC. Either way it’s one of the most mysterious cities we know of. Could the cradle of civilization really be in South America? The stones were carved with extreme precision with astronomical positioning. The civilization who built this city is believed to be the ancient ancestors of the Incas.

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