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Crazy Things The Ancient Persians Did

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At one point in history, the persian Empire covered almost half of the known world. In 480 BC, Persia amassed a population of almost 50 million during a time when an estimated 112 million lived on earth. This meant that they had control of 44 percent of the world population and that record has yet to be broke.

10. Zoroastrian Tower of Silence
Before Iran became a muslim majority country, it was previously Zoroastrian, which was a monotheistic religion who believe in a got named Ahura Mazda. This revealed that he created the world through the prophet zoroaster. This was the main religion of the ancient persians and still practiced among a small minority in india in present times where it’s more accepted. In any case, they had or have pretty chilling way of having a funeral. You won’t hear any noise here at the tower of silence, unless of course, it’s a ghost! It’s was Zoroastrian tradition, in persia and india, to leave the diseased on top of a tower to allow birds and even dogs to eat their bodies. This civilization believed that corpses were filled with evil spirits once they died. Only exposure to birds and sunlight will purify them. Once this happened the bodies were then thrown into the circle of the pit. This practice, for the most part, isn’t still practiced but some places in India still do. That still doesn’t mean the spirits of the aren’t roaming around.

9.The Golden Smoothie
The persians were known throughout the world for having some pretty cruel punishments especially against invading armies. As Rome began to gain some ground in the middle east during the 3rd century AD, they would eventually fall victim to not only a plague but also a defeat to the Persian empire. In 260 AD the Emperor Valerian was captured by Shapur the first during the battle of Edessa. As the Roman emperor decided to meet with shapur for some kind of peace agreement, valerian was captured and would remain prisoner for the rest of his life. Shapur treated him as a
and would often humiliate him by using him as a stool when he would dismount from his horse. Valerian attempted to pay a large ransom for his return home to rome safely but that didn’t bode too well for shapur. IN order to show him that money didn’t really matter, he heated up gold to the point where it would turn to liquid and forcefully poured it down him. Sounds like a you don’t wanna take! After that, it’s believed he was taxidermied and put on display at shapur’s palace.

8.The First Refrigerator
We often take for the granted the ammenty of having a refrigerator in our homes but back in ancient times, trying to preserve food was extremely difficult. We have the ancient persians to thank for the world’s first ever fridge which was first created in 400 BC. These were known as Yakhchals and they were so well built that they even exist in modern times. The above ground structures were shaped like a dome and would go underground to store ice, along with food. It used a heat resistant type of clay which could keep the interior nice and cool. The structures would allow for cool air to come in from the entries at the base and the warm air would exit from the top of it. This was a rather advanced concept for ancient people during this time and it managed to be effective year long. Things such as eggs, clay, lime, goat hair and ash were used to construct the material it was made from which made it weather resistant as well. The persians also got to enjoy what was known as Faloodeh, thanks to this advanced heat-resistant structure.

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