CRAZIEST Perfectly Timed Photos

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Photographers might attempt to take photos at just right time in order to fool. Sometimes it just might look cool that way. From

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10. Puppy Saver
The fearless soldier approached a group of truly ferocious puppies in Iraq who could be heavily armed. He then goes on to stick his near their faces, where they could easily rip off his fingers in one quick bite. There’s no telling, exactly how he worked up the courage to pull this stunt, but it must stem back to his training when he was in boot camp.

9. Vampire Training
How many other jobs offer you the chance to drink cobra blood? Well the US military does, and this is something the recruiter need to start informing potential recruits about. During a joint military exercise in Thailand. US marines learned how drinking cobra blood could be an essential survival tool while lost in the jungle!

8. Panda Mobile!
If driving in China wasn’t difficult enough, they have to look out for driving pandas! They’ve been known to not use their blinkers, run through stop signs and drive a little erratic at times. You just don’t want him to get road rage or it could turn deadly! Let him change lanes if he needs too!

7. The Double Dog
If you’re a 90’s kid you m ight remember a creature called catdog that feautured a cat on one side and a dog on the other! But this is the double dog! What kind of pet store sells these creatures! You better start buying twice the normal amount of dog food cuz this thing has twice the heads to feed.

6. Barbed Wire on Fire
In the USA, our military training might seem like a cakewalk compared to some other places around the world, as we’re about to see. The paramilitary police undergo a similar obstacle, but with one key difference. They light their barbed wire on fire before crawling below. And it also seems to be positioned much lower than they do here, increasing the likelihood of him catching on fire.

5. A Big Glider
It looks like it might be a sunny day at the park when this guy picked up this massive toy glider plane and prepared to launch it in the sky! They sure do make them bigger nowaday then when we used to play with them. Either that or this guy is really close to an airport and he’s just playing tricks on our illusion

4. Muddy Water
These paramilitary policemen also don’t mind getting a little messy and some of their training sessions involve doing belly flops into mud pits like you see here in this photo.

3. Dodge Faster
Ever remember playing dodgeball in gym class with those unforgivable red, rubber balls? Seemed like it always ended with a kid either down on the ground, moaning in pain or with a bloody nose? This photo here was made as a portrait. Someone managed to snap this photo at moment of impact between the red ball and her face. Hopefully she has another pair of glasses. Maybe this is just practice before she starts dodging wrenches.

2. Motorbike Mayhem.
This guy thought he could pick some hot girls while doing some tricks on his sweet motorbike. But since he’s not wearing his helmet, it’s almost safe to assume an emergency crew will be picking his brains off of the concrete. He’ll at least have to deal with some serious road rash and an expensive bill from the mechanic if he ever plans on getting it fixed.

1. The Bike Strike
This guy was in mid air about to strike the ground right before this photo was taken. This is why the professionals go w ith helmets and gloves in case there’s a fail like this one. Judging by the photo alone it’s difficult to tell why he well exactly but at least he’s wearing protection.

American Eye

American Eye

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