CRAZIEST FACTS About The Human Body

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From the number of heart beats each to how much of your brain your actually using, here are craziest facts about the human body.

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5. Strongest Muscles
What do you think the strongest muscle is in the body? Is the quads, the glutes, the tongue? The strongest muscle based on it’s weight is the jaw which can close your mouth with 55 pounds of force on your incisors and 200 pounds of force on your molars. The other muscles we mentioned were some of the stronger muscles you have as well and for women, we can also probably ad the uterus. The uterus starts off the size of a pear and stretches to the size of a watermelon! This one doesn’t get used too often until childbirth so ladies no flexing your uterus powers!

4. 4 pounds of Bacteria
NO matter how much you take showers, eat antioxidants or clean your hair, you probably got something living on you somewhere! And pounds of it. The average human as an average of anywhere from 3-5 pounds of bacteria either living on you or inside of you. The interior bacteria makes up the majority of microorganisms but the exterior ones still make up 10 percent. Here’s an example of something that’s living on you. Thanks to the invention of the microscope, now we can see up close images of disgusting things, like this eyelash mite! They also live in your hair follicles, buried head down, chomping away on your secreted oils. If that wasn’t already gross enough, they also reproduce on your face, creating more mites! Don’t worry though, everyone has them and they’re supposed to be beneficial.

3. The Heart
The heart is indeed the hardest working muscle being put to use 24/7. It can pump out 2 ounces of blood every heartbeat and pumping out a total of roughly 2500 gallons of blood a day. Your heart beats an average of 115,000 times a day and it’s only about the size of your fist. It relies on electrical impulses from the brain but scientists have realized they can make the heart pump without the help of the brain using their own electricity. The woman’s heart is known to beat slightly quicker than a man’s and in case you were wondering, is rare but also possible. Doctors have called it the broken heart syndrome and it’s from a rush of stress hormones from a traumatizing event, such as breaking up or finding out someone cheated. A romantic sting can be fatal when the stress hormone ever takes the body. Should the other person be held trial for murder in this case?

2.Water Benefits
A slovakian proverb states,”pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine” and we think they’re kinda on to something there! Drinking water will promote urination, help the performance of your liver and your kidneys, which are both vital for proper flushing of toxins. But seriously, no fancy toxin flusher is necessary. Drinking water will help eliminate. People might spend outrageous amounts of money by trying to buy products that will cleanse their system, but all they really need is some fresh H20. This is also much more natural and it can detoxify your lungs too, especially since your lungs contain one of the highest percentages of water at 83 percent. You might be surprised that even your bones are pretty watery coming in at 30 percent. By helping your vital organs, especially your kidneys by staying hydrated, you can basically kiss those toxins goodbye!

1. Stomach Acid
Not that you would ever want to test this out anytime soon, it seems to be proven that stomach acid is capable of dissolve metal. This acid is essential for digestion of proteins and solid food. Without your stomach acid, you wouldn’t be able to digest things such as meat for example or it’d be really painful. The acid you have in your stomach is basically a little overkill, which can has been shown to dissolve a razorblade. Your gut makes about 1.5 liters of this stuff each day. Some may feel heartburn or indigestion after eating due to stomach acid. The majority of your internal bacteria is also found in your stomach!

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