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Countries That Are IMPOSSIBLE To Conquer

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Whether they’re countries that are extremely isolated geographically to the point where it would be financialy difficult or smaller countries where the citizens are well armed, here are 15 countries that are impossible to conquer

15. China
Although the Mongolians managed to make their way into china, it was certainly no easy task. other countries in Modern times wouldn’t even consider trying to take on China in the near future. Considering no nuclear weapons get involved, it would be extremely difficult to invade this country. If you’re army has more than a billion people, then maybe you got a shot! It’s the most populated country in the world, and you have to imagine that in the case of an invasion, much of the civilian population would take arms. China is beginning to modernize at a rapid pace and you’d also have to fight over several harsh terrains such as the himalayas, the gobi desert, the jungles in the south and of course they’d have to get past the obstacle of the great wall. It’s also rumored that they have an impregnable underground fortress capable of fitting over 1 million people in a disclosed location near the capital

14. North Korea
Going to war against a mentally unstable enemy who has a nuclear weapon makes everyone think twice about trying to invade. This country has a surprisingly strong army with an even stronger ally in China. POW’s in North Korea might be also be subjected harsh treatmentseen in their hard labor camps. As of 2015, with a total of 78, North Korea is the world leader in possession of submarines although this statistic is slightly debated. Nonetheless, they have an intimidating fleet of subs that are primarily used for coastal attacks. Since technically North and South Korea are still at war, that makes us at war with them as well. Remember, we are only in a ceasefire! It’s very rare that westerners get the chance to come here since they’re on the lookout for spies. South Korea would also have to get past the demilitarized zone which is at least a 3 mile wide buffer zone between the two. It’s most heavily militarized border in the worlds Near this zone, you’ll notice quite a few landmines, armed soldiers, watch towers. Even though north korea seems like a pain in the butt to everyone, we don’t think they’re gonna get invaded anytime soon.

13. New Zealand
Geographically speaking, New Zealand would be a tough cookie to crumble. Not only is it really far away from any powerful nation except australia, New Zealand is home to many large mountains and even super volcanoes. In any case, let’s imagine someone does try to invade New Zealand. It would take an immense amount of oil to fly bomber over the country. It takes over 11 hours to fly from Hong Kong to New Zealand, which gives you an idea how tucked away they are over there.

12. Vietnam
This country is a lot harder to invade than it looks. Go ahead and ask Richard Nixon! Despite unconventional methods to take down the vietcong, the Americans withdrew with their tails between their legs.The country of Vietnam is located south China and there’s really only one way to get there. It’s fairly isolated, being adjacent to the coastline. When chemicals like DDT and horrific weapons like napalm weren’t enough to bring the Vietnamese to surrender, the americans were out of ideas. There are too many places to hide in this country, and they were experts in digging tunnels and setting booby traps. It would be extremely gutsy if someone tried to invade vietnam again.

11. India
Historically, invaders haven’t had too much trouble with india and they’ve been occupied quite often by rulers such as alexander the great and the British. Let’s just say if only 10 percent of the country of India picked up a pitchfork, you’d have to deal with 100 million people armed with pitchforks and that’s still a force to reckon with! Invasion over the Himalayas is next to impossible which would mean the invasion would have to come from Pakistan, the ocean or from Bangladesh. If they were able to make it make it on Indian soil, an elite group of paratroopers are likely to respond with upgraded modernized equipment.

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