Costliest U.S. Disasters Happened in 2017! Are these signs of the times, perhaps even Judgment?

An American flag hangs from a tree in a neighborhood destroyed by wildfire in Santa Rosa, California, U.S., October 12, 2017. REUTERS/Jim Urquhart

Commentary By:  Gordon King

The United States of America had the costliest and most damaging year from natural disasters in 2017 then ever before in its history.  Natural disasters continue to plague our nation, from out of control wildfires to hurricanes, from tornadoes to severe flooding.

Regardless of what may be causing these events to happen, they are happening, just as we were foretold that they would in scripture, just before the return of Jesus Christ to earth at His second coming, and say it isn’t so!

These are signs my friends, signs of the end of the age, signs of the end of the last days, and yet they also may just be the beginning of God’s judgment on America for turning her back to

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