Conspiracy Theories That TURNED OUT TO BE TRUE !

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After more and more crazy information keeps on coming to light, you might have to ask yourself, why should we take the side of the mainstream media, especially when they’re the ones controlling it. From measures made ensure population control, to how weather can be used against us, here are just some conspiracy theories that turned out to be true!

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4. CIA Trafficking
Today we see our police becoming more and more militarized to the point where you have to question how much of it is necessary. There can’t be a war on drugs without drugs in the first place right? Many documents revealed that the CIA was heavily involved in drug smuggling especially in Los Angeles and it found out that police weren’t allowed to bust them. The cia was protecting specific large drug shipments coming from south america which would then be provided to big street gangs. The competition of course would certainly get busted. It’s almost like they were trying to run a monopoly and local police of LA began question the ethics of all this. Since much of the shipments went to specific neighborhoods, it seemed as though they were targeting specific communities. This would then allow police to interrupt the target areas and this was all brought to light by the writer Gary Webb.

3. American Pride
Do some people just seem a little bit patriotic? Have you wondered before if there’s some kind of government plot behind it here in America? Well you could be onto something. It turns out that the pentagon funds patriotism during sporting events and will even spend millions of dollars on it each year. You might be aware of those massive flags brought on to the baseball field when the national anthem is being played. According to a joint oversight report, this is actually apart of a military recruitment program which is funded with taxpayer money. The atlanta falcons got $879,000 by the us government and ironically enough the new england patriots were the 2nd highest funded sports teams in 2013. People in the stands who are completely decked out in american gear are also likely apart of the conspiracy to make people more patriotic, so keep that in mind next time you hear the anthem.

2. Prohibition Poisoning
In case you were curious, conspiracy theories about our government doing strange things stretches back even to prohibition times. Even though drinking liquor during this time was illegal, there were rumors going around that consuming alcohol was making people extremely sick and it left many people wondering why. Tainted alcohol was spread by the government in order to deter people from even trying to get it illegally. Regulatory standards required some alcohol to have even before prohibition to have some chemicals in it to make it taste worse or make it unfit for human consumption. The US government knew that people were still drinking illegally and how they were doing it. Industrial alcohols that can be bought by anyone would be purified by bootleggers. They demanded the increase in poisonous substance be added to anything with alcohol in it which subsequently lead to over 10,000 victims. But when the companies were demanded to make their products more toxic, the bootleggers couldn’t remove all of them

Roswell Cover Up
Although it might not seem like there is concrete evidence to prove aliens exist as most people point out, there is evidence that the government has been extremely concerned with UFO’s and life on other planets. Guy hottell discloses in this document that the air force had recovered 3 flying saucers in New Mexico, which is coincidentally, the state where you find Roswell. He described the discs as being 50 feet in diameter but the more shocking part comes when he describes what was inside. 3 bodies of humanoid creatures were discovered that were only 3 feet tall. Each body was equipped with a metallic cloth, possibly some type of body armor. Other documents seriously concerned about the presence of alien aircraft around US military bases were finally released, which proves they gotta know something or have seen something we haven’t right? Let’s also not forget about area 51 where the government had to deny its existance until 2013! More and more information will come out eventually to the point where they can no longer deny many so called conspiracy theories.

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