Conference on winning ‘America’s new civil war’

Battle of Franklin, Tennessee, 1964

The American people haven’t been so divided since the Civil War – and many people believe something of a new civil war is underway in their once-unified nation.

To address this crisis, this week over two dozen experts, activists, members of Congress, journalists and others – all championing America’s Judeo-Christian foundations – will join together in St. Louis for a conference sponsored by the Constitutional Coalition on “Winning the Second American Civil War: Home, School, Community, Nation.”

Thursday evening, all day Friday and most of Saturday, the speakers will lay out a comprehensive vision and practical, in-depth plan for reversing the devastating negative effects the progressive left has had on America’s culture, education, morality and government.

The conference’s lead-off speaker, Thursday night, will be WND’s longtime vice president and managing editor, David Kupelian, who will speak on “The Civil War on America’s Christian Foundations.” Kupelian,

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