Biggest Treasure Trove Discoveries

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From the secrets inside an ancient indian temple to stumbling upon millions of dollars worth of ancient gold coins. Here are biggest Treasure trove discoveries.

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5. Hoxne Hoard
The largest roman gold and silver hoarde ever discovered came in the UK near the village of Hoxne in Suffolk county, England in 1992. It was found on a farm near an oak tree, it was discovered by accident when a friend asked his friend to see if he could find his hammer with a metal detector. But the hammer would have to hold off a while longer because he found an unbelievable treasure hoard full of gold, silver and bronze jewelry! A total of 569 gold coins, 14,272 silver coins and 24 bronze coins finally were resurfaced once again but it wasn’t just coin stashed here. Some beautiful artwork, utensils, vases and the hoxne tigress are among some of the more artistic things that were uncovered. The law stated that the person who found it had to be reimbursed for the monetary value of treasure. It was thought to be worth so much money that the British museum needed help from donors in order to acquire it. The two that found it got a huge pay day of roughly 3.8 million dollars But what about that hammer he was looking for? That’s also in the British museum to on display despite possibly being the luckiest hammer on earth!

4. Cuerdale Hoard
Consisting of over 8,600 items total, this massive treasure hoard was discovered in may of 1840 and its considered to be one the largest viking hoards ever discovered. People who were repairing the embankment of a river came across the treasure and it was quickly seized by the landowner but rumor has it the workers got to keep one coin each. How generous! Many believe that the vikings placed the treasure there while they were trying to flee the irish city of Dublin and were sure they intended to come back for it at some point. Others believe the treasure was already discovered and hidden by english nobility, in order to help pay for some kind of army.

3. Abbey of Cluny Templar Hoard
Buried treasure was uncovered in 2017 at the Abbey of Cluny in Eastern France much to the surprise of many archaeologists. Never had such a large hoard of Arab silver dinar coins been found and you have to wonder what the heck they’re doing in France. The coins were mainly minted in Spain during a time when islamic countries controlled much territory in Europe. More than 2200 coins were uncovered including the 21 golden muslim dinars. Since the coins have such a foreign origin to them, it seems to be concluded that this was another templar gold stash which indicates some kind loot from the crusades or even possibly a transaction. This group of knights helped guide travellers into the holy land and set up some of the first banks of Europe. After a while even the King of France, King Philip found himself in debt to the powerful group and on Friday the 13th of October 1307 mercenaries were sent to hunt them, on false accusations of heresy. The abrupt expulsion from France didn’t give many of them time to take their money with them so other treasures could still be out there. With any templar discovery there could always be a some kind a of clu

2. King Tut’s Tomb
We all know about king tut’s discovery but do you even know how much gold that guy was trying to bring with him to the afterlife? About 240 pounds of solid gold was the weight of the sarcophagus alone! Don’t forget his 24 pound funerary mask of solid gold which would be worth 4.5 million dollars by today’s gold prices in weight alone. If somehow it ended up on the black market it would easily go for billions in some kind of crazy auction. In 1923, they felt as though the price of the entire treasure was about 15 million dollars at that current time. But back then gas was also 30 cents a gallon. Anyone else thinking about trying to come after the riches might not get to enjoy the treasure, because there seems to be a curse!

1.Sree Padmanabhaswamy Treasure
This place in india with a hard name to pronounce is said to the actual home to the world’s largest gold stash and massive vaults were opened in 2011. It earns the record for the largest collection of gold and precious stones in recorded history and estimates are in the trillions. It used to be home to former rulers of the land and it contained golden thrones, coins, diamonds and there’s still an untouched vault. Where’d all this gold come from? Much of it was donated by travellers who were paying respect to various idols. Various weatthy kings and rulers would often make pilgrimages here and leave a kind gift behind. It wasn’t just gold either, this treasure trove was full of some gemstone bling! When people get too close to all of that gold, they may get tempted. People have noticed a large amount of it has gone missing

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