Beware the ‘cult of reason’

A grandson of Princeton president Jonathan Edwards, he could read at age 4 and entered Yale at 13. He was a chaplain in the Continental Army until his father died. Then, as the eldest of 13 children, he worked the family farm to pay off debts. He served in the very first session of the Massachusetts State Legislature. His name was Timothy Dwight IV, and he died Jan. 11, 1817.

Timothy Dwight IV was Yale’s 8th president, serving from 1795 to 1817. In his 22 years at Yale, he created the Departments of Chemistry, Geology, Law, and Medicine. He also founded Andover Theological Seminary.

Timothy Dwight pioneered women’s education, and was critical of slavery and encroachment on Indian lands. He befriended Henry Opukahaia, the first Hawaiian convert to Christianity, which led to missionaries sailing to the Hawaiian “Sandwich” Islands. One of his students was Samuel Morse who invented the

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