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best prepper skills for the zombie apocalypse

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Due to popular demand, American eye would like to present to you another zombie video! You might have to start practicing some of these skills soon in order to be talented enough to put them to good use when the time is finally here! The training might not always be easy, and you’re gonna have to break a sweat. Whether it’s touching up on your shotgun accuracy or practicing your parkour moves in order to escape from the undead quicker, here are the Best Skills for the Zombie apocalypse.

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15. Batting Practice
Batter’s up! You might wanna start working on the baseball swing well in advance because if the apocalypse arrives soon, that swing is going to come in handy. The proper swing takes a lot of repetitions and the eye hand coordination that comes with hitting a baseball will be good practice for swinging at a moving zombie. Baseball bats are one of the more popular choices for weapons during the zombie apocalypse. it’s always important to remember that metal baseball bats that are gonna be your best bet. While wooden bats can be best for making modifications, metal bats won’t break as quickly. In case there is an apocalypse as well, you might find a baseball bat to serve useful as a recreational device. The brooklyn smasher is also a good choice made nearly indestructible polypropylene

14. Off Roading
Off roading might not be quite as easy as it looks, so it would be good for you to try it out a few times before the apocalypse goes down! Make sure you have the proper vehicle, with the proper tires, know what tools you need to fix your off roader and find out some other crucial information you need before hitting the dusty trail. You have to understand your automobile’s capabilities and try not to push it over the limit. Once you got some preliminary things worked out, practice different maneuvers, 180 turns and even practice in different types of weather so you’ll be ready for whatever comes your way.

13. Trap Building
When you’re looking for the proper way to defend your outpost against zombies, it’s important to have a few ideas to protect yourself in case of an all out infestation. Have you practiced building traps in order to catch small animals? Most of us city folk probably couldn’t a catch a bird if their life depended on it, and during the apocalypse, that could be the case. Not only would you use something like a hanging snare to catch a zombie, bear traps or punji traps can also work effectively in at least immobilizing the walking dead. You can always consider digging a large pit around your settlement but that would require a bit of physical labor.

12. Cooking Skills
Although it might seem like a luxury to have good cooking skills during the zombie apocalypse, being to have culinary expert can lead to surviving the apocalypse. Chances are, the food you come across probably won’t taste to good and that skunk you found lying on the side of the road could be your only option. Preparing to eat certain animals, such as a skunk, if not done so properly, can leave to severe illnesses and even death. But someone who knows how to remove the scent glands correctly, could make it into a proper meal! Napoleon once said, an army marches on their stomach, so having some good food during a time, when people are ripping each others faces off, will certainly lead to good morale.

11. Forging
Eventually the truth is, bullets are going to run out and your weapons are going to prove to be useless… Unless, you have some blacksmith forging skills and the proper tools to engage in this hobby, you’d be able to create some very useful stuff . Melee weapons maybe prove to be more effective than firearms anyways because of the lack of noise. There will be an abundance of scrap metal all over the place and this abundant resource can potentially be turned into useful tool with the proper forging skills. Weapons like knives, swords, maces, axes can all be crafted which will keep you safe the zombies lurking near your settlement.

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