BEST Mansions For The Zombie Apocalypse !

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While some places might be building homes that are well secure in case chaos breaks out, other big houses just so happen to be built in the perfect place to survive. From the villa on a freshwater lake, to homes made out of steel, here the best mansions for the zombie apocalypse.

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5. Palacia Da Alvorada
One of the more sleek and modern designs for a presidential palace would be located in the capital city of brasilia. This is the first governmental structure built in the federal capital and was built from 1957 to 1958.You can tell it’s in a strategic location, far from the populated parts of brazil in the interior of the country. Surrounded by a lagune, it seems pretty easy for the president to defend in the case of the apocalypse. The interior isn’t bad either!The state room is decorated with modern art and a restoration was complete from 2004-2006. It takes up an estimated 75,000 feet and is complete with various sculptures. It’s complete with a movie theater, game room, laundry, medical center and many private rooms. The area seems quite secluded from highly populated areas in brazil. It’s home to roughly 160 employees at all times including security, private chefs, doctors, etc.

4. The Presidential Palace Abu Dhabi
You could probably see this house from outer space. That’s what where talking about. Illuminated at night, it’s visible for miles with clear weather. They got boats lined up at the marina at the emirates palace and cost them an estimated 490 million dollars. It encompasses approximately 150 hectares of land and of course, is just slightly over the top. With all the spending put on for the palace, it wouldn’t be a huge surprise if it there was a secret underground bunker beneath. The president can also chose to possibly take a getaway boat or helicopter fairly easily but who’d want to leave this place! Fishing can also become an option when people start getting hungry!

3. Ransom Canyon Steel House
This crazy house in Texas took 34 years to construct and is made out of steel. How could that not be useful in the zombie apocalypse? The artist by the name of Robert Bruno lived in this house 8 months before passing away but he’s certainly made his mark on the landscape. It sits on the edge of the Ransom Canyon, located just west of Lubbock. it’s been praised by the artists’ community as a stunning one of a kind accomplishment. It’s made of 150 tons of steel and we can imagine it would prove to be fairly sturdy in the case of a zombie apocalypse. With 2,200 square feet of space, it currently is being used to exhibit art shows and host private events.

2. Lair Studio
It’s rumored that this building is located in Cannes, France on the peak of mountain near the mediterranean sea. You can tell this thing looks almost perfect to live out the apocalypse in style! While the pool can eventually be drained and replaced with clean water, it would certainly be a most pleasant apocalypse with a swimming pool without a doubt. You can tell there’s really only one way to get into this place which can easily be fortified with machine gun turrets etc. If you got a house like this, it definitely makes sense to go with the home prepper strategy. The main concern would be zombies blocking the exit route. But as you can tell, there is some room at the top for a helicopter pad, so no need to trip.

1.Martin Castle, Kentucky
Located in the town of Versailles, Kentucky, this over the top mansion would almost seem like a modern day fortress. Well maybe it is actually. The home is completely surrounded by a stone wall with towers on each corner where snipers could be placed. It almost seemed to have been designed with zombies in mind. It looks as though there’s also a basketball court on the roof that could be transformed into a helipad if needed. Another smart thing the owner did was invest in a horse farm in case we may need to resort back to primitive means of transportation. Don’t forget to practice some tennis to help keep your zombie smashing arm in good shape

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