Being Self-Centered, an Act of Sin!

Commentary By:  Gordon King

Self-seeking, self-motivated, a self-driven life.  The whole idea of “self” is directly related to the fall of man.  When Adam and Eve fell in the garden of Eden everything about mankind changed!  Humanity at that time, although very small in numbers, went from a life of holiness and righteousness, a life centered around God, a life driven by God, and a life motivated by God to a life centered around self!

The world is now being inundated with people who are self-seekers, who place themselves above God, who are proud and arrogant, disbelievers, unholy and unrighteous, seeking to fulfill their lives with sinful pleasures, brutal, and despisers of what is good.  These are all signs of people who place themselves at the center of the universe, a sign that we are living in the last days!

Sin is inspired and motivated not by God, but

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