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From the things hidden inside the vatican secret archives to the possible scalp of a yeti. Here are artifacts you’re not allowed to see

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7. Atacama Humanoid Creature
Ata the nickname given for the 6 inch remains of a humanoid- alien like creature found in the desert of Chile. Also known as the driest place in the world, this desert is home to year long droughts, in addition to alien sightings. Seems like many UFO sightings prefer the vast and secluded areas of various deserts. What makes this creature unique from humans is that it has 10 ribs and the skull is extremely strange in shape. It was on display at a museum in Chile but many people began to wonder if it was actually from this world. With too many questions from the public, it was hidden away from the public. Some believe it was a fetus born prematurely with extreme defects like dwarfism but no specific genes for this genetic disorder were uncovered. Ufologists claim that she is an actual alien species. Many believers out there still say it’s human. If you want to go this route, than you’re saying there are 6-inch humans that possibly walked the earth. The skeleton seems to mature and advanced to be that of a fetus.

6. Aliens Area 51
The government expects us to simply believe that area 51 is nothing but a testing base for new aircraft, but this base wasn’t even acknowledged by the government until 2013, despite over 40 years of active use. Many believe that after the mysterious crash at Roswell, alien bodies were transported from New Mexico, to be stored at this top secret military base located at the National Nevada Security Site. This base in the middle of the desert, is in an extremely isolated place and anyone who drives within 10 miles of it will be spotted by camo dudes. Deadly force can and probably will be used to anyone who trespasses. There is clearly something the government doesn’t want us to know about here and it seems to be a little more than just testing new aircraft. If they were hiding evidence of extraterrestrial life, this would be the perfect place.

5. Giants smithsonian
Many would suggest that the most covered up history is the ancient history of mankind. Some feel as though the smithsonian is covering up the fact that giants once existed and that they destroyed evidence of giant ancient american skeletons that were discovered. You’ll notice that many local newspapers contain some photos of these discoveries but nothing really on a national scale. As you go back time, legends of giant red haired humans exist in many different cultures across the world. From the time of David and goliath, to the roman emperor of Maximinus giants pop up in historical records and we’re told to believe their all lies or exaggerations. Some believe these archaeological discoveries took place only right after the theory of evolution was becoming popular and scientists wanted to hide any evidence of them being wrong originally. Many published books such as this one we see here seem to evidence for a former race of humans that inhabited the world. The brunswick skeleton we see here is rumored to be about 9 feet tall and found in Georgia .

4. The last supper
Currently being held in Milan, only about 20-25 people per year are actually able to see it in person, making it someone difficult for amateurs to examine. Many are familiar with the da vinci code and how the last supper plays an important role. Others are also quite certain that the last supper is hiding an important part of history that the vatican church might not want you to know about. Some believe that instead of the apostle john sitting to the left of Jesus, it’s actually a woman known as Mary Magdalene. There’s been much debate as to whether or not this is John or mary, and if you look even closer to the person’s hands it almost looks like she’s holding on to a baby. Could this be the divine ancestor that the vatican doesn’t want you to know about?

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