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Ancient Mysterious Ruins and Monuments

From strange cities of stone … to Stonehenge and the Sphinx … Here are 15 of the world’s most Ancient Mysterious Ruins and Monuments

#15 Newgrange
This Neolithic monument in Ireland was built sometime around 3200 BC, which predates the Egyptian pyramids. A circular mound covering more than one acre (4,500 square meters) of ground is located there. 12 standing stones have survived around the perimeter, although they may have been added later, during the Bronze Age. Since the main entrance is aligned with the rising sun of the winter solstice, some researchers think Newgrange may have fulfilled a purpose involving religion or astronomy. There’s also evidence that it may have been used as a type of burial sites. As yet, there is no overall consensus as to what Newgrange was definitely used for.

#14 Great Zimbabwe (zihm-baab-way)
This ruined city is located in the hills of southern Africa. And during the Late Iron Age it was the capital of the Kingdom of Zimbabwe. Construction of these stone buildings is estimated to have started in the 11th century and continued for more than 300 years. A popular archaeological theory posits that the structures were built by a group of Bantu people, but that theory has yet to be verified. Some 18,000 individuals are thought to have populated Great Zimbabwe at its peak. Some of the reasons for its abandonment include famine and a fall-off in trade.

#13 Glastonbury Tor
Located in South West England, this mysterious location might have been where King Arthur’s sword Excalibur was crafted. That’s according to some stories anyway. Glastonbury Tor refers to a hill, atop which is the roofless Saint Michael’s Tower. That stone building represents the remains of a 14th century church that was built over the original wooden church. The location has been mentioned in Celtic mythology, and has long been linked to legends of Avalon. The sides of the hill display seven deep, symmetrical terraces. How they were formed and what they were used for is unknown. A more recent mystery concerns the Glastonbury Zodiac. That’s a gargantuan 5,000 year old astrological formation allegedly carved into region’s landscape.

#12 Tiwanaku (tee-wahn-ah-koo)
This Pre-Columbian archaeological site in Bolivia covers about 4 square kilometers (X sq miles).
Megalithic blocks, monumental structures, and decorated ceramics now cover the surface area of this ancient city. At one point it may have held as many as 20,000 inhabitants. While the site was first documented by the Spanish in the 16th century, the city’s exact age is still disputed. Estimates have ranged from around 2,000 to 17,000 years old! Because the Tiwanaku civilization had no written language, it remains difficult to establish precisely when the city was built or how it functioned.

#11 Silbury Hill (sil-burry)
Located in south west England, this prehistoric chalk mound rises about 129 feet (39 m). That makes it the tallest such man-made structure in Europe, and one of the largest in the world. Composed mostly of chalk and clay its construction dates to around 2400 BC, and was completed over the course of three generations. Very few artifacts have ever been found at the site, and the mound’s exact purpose is still being debated. Archaeologists say that the manner of construction suggests the builders may not have been following a blueprint. The process of building the structure may have been more important than the mound itself.

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