American Christianity’s divisions go all the way down

Each week in many churches, Christians affirm that they believe in the “one, holy, catholic, and apostolic church.” Then they leave their sanctuaries and return to the reality of an American church scene that is divided, unholy, politicized, parochial, and unapostolic.

The divisions go all the way down. They include every kind of doctrinal point, though many Christians are doctrinally illiterate and could hardly care less about dogma in any case. Those divisions are so old and so intractable as to be of little current interest.

No, the really interesting divisions are social-ethical-political. And here again those divisions go all the way down. They include:

The interpretation of the American cultural moment and the type of  moral witness needed; The moral issues that groups find important to address and the arguments made for those issue choices; The positions taken on those moral issues, and the arguments made for those positions;

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