‘All-around provocateur’ Russell Brand says Christ’s teachings ‘relevant’

Comedian Russell Brand

An entertainment personality known as an “all-around provocateur,” Russell Brand, has explained in an interview with Relevant Magazine that Christ makes his life makes sense.

“My personal feeling is the teachings of Christ are more relevant now than they’ve ever been,” he said, continuing, “If Christ consciousness is not accessible to us, then what is the point of the story of Jesus, you know? He’s just a sort of a scriptural rock star, just an icon. Unless Christ is right here, right now, in your heart, in your consciousness, then what is Christ?”

Brand famously fought battles with sex, drug and alcohol addictions, and while he’s years past reaching out to a multi-step program that seeks help from a higher power in leaving those behind, he’s just out now with his book “Recovery: Freedom From Our Additions.”

He explained, “I do think a spiritual and transcendent change

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