After 30 years, a farewell column

David Gushee in his office at Mercer University in Atlanta. Photo by Alice Horner.

(RNS) — This is my final column for Religion News Service, marking my voluntary departure from what used to be called “opinion writing” and what today is called the blogosphere. Here’s why:

In my new memoir, “Still Christian,” which I drafted last summer but is just now out, I wrote:

I am fifty-five years old, but that’s about eighty in culture-wars years. There are twenty-four years of fights in those fifty-five years. I am asking God if I might be released from the responsibility of continuing to fight on these battlefields. I have wondered if my vocation might be able to be expressed in some other ways.

Any joy I once had in writing a column about “Christians, Conflict and Change,” in order to analyze and take stands on various culture-wars issues, has

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