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Abnormally Large Ships That Actually Exist

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While most big boats, cargo is oil, cruise boats use humans as their cargo! Although it might be a tad smaller than the others, let’s see how the world’s largest cruise boat compares with some of other large super riggers. In 2015 the largest cruise boat ever was constructed but it looks like you can’t even book a trip on it until next year! Royal Caribbean cruise company is offering cruises on their website as soon as November of 2017, visiting beautiful places all across the Caribbean and the Mediterranean seas. Harmony of the seas features its own amphitheater and is 10 stories high! Despite being a little more fun to hang out on than oil tankers, the cruise boat is still 362 meters or 1,188 feet long and can reach a maximum capacity of 5,479 passengers! Almost like a floating city.

8. Ever Dynamic Panama
On one side of Panama is the Pacific Ocean and on the other side is the Caribbean sea. The US was the one who built the Panama Canal back in 1914 but no it’s the Panamanians who wreak the benefits of this modern wonder of engineering, which is certainly one of the reasons they’ve been able to grow. Panama gained full control of the canal thanks to a treaty in 1999. In 2016, The canal has expanded since then order to accommodate much larger ships such as the Ever Dynamic. It moves at a speed of about 13.6 knots and was built in 1998. The ship last checked in october 15, 2018, floating around the malaysian peninsula.

7 USS independence
Possibly the wackiest looking aircraft carrier/mine detecting ship in the US navy, the USS independance LCS-2 is designed by general dynamics. It plans on operating typically in littoral areas and not attacking any warships. It’s main purpose is to destroy mines, hunt for submarines, and other various missions. It’s main armament is for defensive purposes can can support the weight of 2 helicopters. The counter mine technologies are some of the most advanced in the world which utilize radar detection systems to their advantage. Just in case it engages enemies, it has a 57 mm cannon, 4 50 cals, and Searam.

6. Queen Mary 2
The Queen Mary 2 is a floating wonder of a machine and it succeeds the Queen Elizabeth 2. You might be familiar with the queen mary 1 which normally sits in Long Beach, california. It operates between South hampton and new york as a luxury cruise vessel, floating around the world. It’s big enough to accommodate 2,620 passengers in addition to the 1253 member crew members. At full speed, she can reach about 30 knots of 35 miles an hour and remains the largest ocean liner ever built. It’s different from many cruise ships due to the ability to be able to take on big storms head on. It’s considered to be an ocean liner because it can travel across the world and ready go up against some big challenges

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