25 People in the Unluckiest Situations

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From some unexpected things happening to people’s cars, to getting stuck on roller coasters, here are 25 People in the Unluckiest Situations

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7. Seriously?
Imagine parking your car and coming back to it with a customized muffin top? In what scenario did this muffin actually hit crush a car? Seems t make no sense! There isn’t a ton of info on the photograph, but some it seems possible that it was done

6. Beard Slice
This man must have spent a long time of his life growing a beard but all it took was a split second for him to lose it! We’re not sure if he purchased beard insurance, but the his expression we imagine he didn’t. Maybe he can file for workers compensation? Luckily it wasn’t his arm and maybe this new style with work for him.

5. Un- Egg- Ceptible
He was probably making the horrible mistake of carrying paint and eggs is his front seat and talking on the cell phone. We don’t exactly know what the heck he was bringing with him, in the front seat but we definitely know he’s having a bad day and he doesn’t want to talk about it. The interior of his car will forever be ruined and he’ll be smelling like whatever he’s covered in for quite a while.

4. Rather amusing
When you go to an amusement park, basically you take the risk that you’re not going to be one of those unlucky people who get stuck! Well unfortunately it still happens when people least expect it sometimes! The six riders here are probably in very frightening and uncomfortable position for a long perion of time. Oh yeah, and don’t forget about the heights! If you think you’re not afraid of them now, just wait til something like this happens to you! This might be their last roller coaster ride if this experience traumatized them.

3. Cactus Catastrophe
Hiking around the desert can be fun, until someone falls into a cactus! Some sites claim this guy was actually trespassing on someone’s and got caught breaking the law when he had to call the police or some to come help him! So not only did he suffer from a cacti catastrophe, he probably got sent to jail not long after, That guy is having a real bad day.

2. Swing Set Malfunction
Everyone loves playing on the swing set and it’s a fun way for kids to enjoy themselves at the park. However not all the kids are so lucky to escape with their lives. This girl here, who probably looks like she’s a little too old to be on the swing set is about to do a faceplant and it can’t be pretty. It’s doesn’t even look like there’s sand at this jungle gym!

1. Vehicle Split
Buying cars off craigslist is never easy and if it seems like if it’s too good to true it usually is! We imagine someone found an amazing cadillac limo almost as good as new! But then when they took it out for a drive, this happened! The driver couldn’t believe that it’s already split it half! Was this a counterfiet car or something! Cadillacs are built to be quality vehicles but it might just come down to how well you know how to drive a limo in this case. Better luck next time!

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