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Each and every year people are told to go see the dentist, brush our teeth, floss and eat less sugar. Unfortunately , we aren’t like sharks and we can’t regenerate our teeth. So we gotta take care of them. To better understand how we can keep our pearly whites nice and pearly, there are some important things we should better understand. From how to save a tooth that just got knocked out, to teeth that are on sale on the black market, here are craziest things you need to know about teeth!

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12. Pacu Fish
If a fish with human like teeth doesn’t creep you out, I don’t know what will. This freshwater fish, indigenous to South America has made its way north and within the borders of the United States! The teeth are not similar to a piranha who have more razor sharp, pointed teeth. The pacu’s teeth are more square and straighter. You could probably not tell the difference without seeing its face that they’re not human teeth. These have even been found swimming around in Lake Michigan.

11. Toothpaste With Plastic Beads
You might come across a toothpaste that has plastic beads in it and you should avoid getting those kind at all cost. Not only can those plastic beads get caught in your gums but they also pollute the environment.You might not really notice it at first, but those little blue dots that give toothpaste that minty fresh look are being found embedded in gums. Microbeads are so small that they go down the drains and have been found in fish once the water is recycled. In 2015, the US enacted a federal ban on them, but they’re still used in other countries.

10. Fight Club Teeth
Imagine you’re about to play the role of a badass fighter, like tyler durden, in a big hollywood film where you’re about make millions of dollars in anyways. You have to look the part, right? Brad Pitt might have gone a little bit too far when he voluntarily went to the dentist to have his front right tooth chipped. After the movie was done being filmed, the cap was added back on in order for him to keep that pearly white smile.

9. The Lizardman
Teeth sharpening can also happen in western cultures as well but mostly intended to shock people. This man with the name of Eric, also goes by the rightful name of Lizardman and he appears as if he’s in the process of shapeshifting from a human into a reptilian. He’s done his best to make people think he’s actually a lizard and not a real human especially from his green tattoos, subdermal implants and other extreme body mods. He can only pray he doesn’t get some type of infection.

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