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There are many reasons why people would want to install security cameras. It might be to protect your store, your home, or because there are dangerous clowns on the coming after you! From bank robberies to possible demonic possessions. Here are 17 weird things caught on security camera!

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10. Hospital Demon
This photo from a surveillance camera at a hospital, portrays a dark crouched creature, resembling a demon, on top of a patient’s body. Imagine waking up at a hospital with the image of a demon right in front of your very own eyes. The nurse noticed the strange figure walking up and down, on top of the patient, pacing back and forth. Within a few hours the patient had died Strangely enough, nurses commonly tend to report sightings of ghosts and demons at hospital facilities. This one here was actually captured on camera. Could this be from the large amount of lost souls who lost their lives too early? Could there be demons waiting to bring people to the afterlife?

9. Gator Drop off
People might pull some pranks occasionally on youtube on some innocent drive through employees occasionally but it’s nothing compared to what happened in palm beach of October 2015. You better believe this one landed him in jail. As the wendy’s worker turned around for a moment with the window open to get the man his change, then he threw the gator inside and drove away. Imagine being a hungry croc inside a wendy’s. The wendy’s workers are definitely hoping the animal goes after their junior bacon cheese burgers and not their legs. Surveillance footage captured this image with a pretty bizarre headline you’d expect to see on florida news.

8. Religious Sinner
It really doesn’t get more ironic than this one. Police are looking for two thieves who stole about 500 dollars worth of bibles from a Christian bookstore in Massachusetts. Should you really get punished for having so much love for the lord that you go out and steal bibles? The word isn’t being spread just sitting on bookshelves are they? Are guys are either saints or just no good common criminals? one of the 10 commandments is that “thou shalt not steal”? Maybe they’ll know that once they take a closer look at their loot. The two were clearly captured on camera during their heist and police need a little help trying to figure out who they are.

7. Cornholio Caught on Camera.
There’s not too much info on this strange man who decided to walk into a liquor store covering his head with his shirt which would leave you to believe this is cornholio himself. He’s seen grabbing a few liquor bottles with a possessed look on his face and you might wanna steer clear. It’s possible it might be the original cornholio or just an imposter. It almost looks like he has made a purchase though so the owners can’t complain too much right? Would suppose it’s a free country and he’d be allowed to walk around like this right?

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