15 STRANGE Places In Ukraine !

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From the catacombs of Odessa to the mysterious places in the Chernobyl exclusion zone here are 15 strange places in Ukraine

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5. The Elephant’s Foot
The hot toxic sludge we see in this image is still to this day, extremely lethal. If you’re exposed to it for only 30 seconds, you’ll experience severe radiation sickness. Stand next to this for four minutes and you’ll only have two days to live. When people say a nuclear meltdown happened here, that’s literally what happened. The radioactive materials used to fuel this plant literally melted the core, and that’s basically what we’re looking at..

4. Amusement Park
At one point in time, about 30 years ago, this playground was teeming with kids and was a popular location until the world’s worst nuclear accidents happened at the Chernobyl plant near Pripyat. You won’t be taking your kid here anytime. Not only due to the fact that it’s extremely creepy but it’s apart of the Chernobyl exclusion zone. This means your kid would suffer from radiation poisoning if he even manages to step foot here. This playground in this photo still stands despite the disaster that took place. Pripyat had many facilities that the families of the power plant workers could enjoy but they never had the chance to enjoy this amusement park. It was set to open on May 1st 1986, just weeks after the meltdown took place. The radiation levels here vary and it’s believe that helicopters carrying radioactive material used this place as a landing strip.

3. Golden Gate, Kiev
Did you think the golden gate in san francisco was the only gate out there? Think again! There’s a golden gate in the capital city of Kiev which is apart of 11th century fortifications of the old town. Faced with the threat of having to deal with barbarians from various directions, Kiev made the decision t o build the wall that would protect them. One part of fortifications was the zoloti Vorota which was rather for ceremonial purposes. After the mongols badly damaged the wall, it was buried but then rediscovered in 1832. Later on, it was rebuilt by the soviets in 1982 in which many believe to be a botched repairation. Historians wanted the soviets to show the real facade of the gate without renovations.

2. Unidentified Building
Walking through a park in dnipro city, a photographer came across this odd looking building near a pond during winter. It seems possible to come across ruins such as this while doing some hiking in Ukraine but many projects we didn’t know about could still be out there, waiting to be explored. This could be anything from a missile silo to an auditorium similar to ones found in Bulgaria. What do you think this was used for? Let us know in the comment section and maybe we’ll feature you in an upcoming video

1. Balaklava Submarine Base
The soviets certainly had their fair share of strange military bases as well and in this photo we see the blue and green waters of this base located under the city of Sevastopol in the Black Sea. What’s a little strange about this place is that it’s so secretive and so far inland because of the natural canal-like features. This formerly classified sub base was in full use up until 1993 and it certainly had the capability of putting nuclear subs into the mediterranean sea. The Russians called this place “Balaklava” and there was plenty of munitions stored here. When the facility was decommissioned, no one still knows exactly where the Soviets put the weapons and it remains a mystery. It’s known that triton submarines once patrolled the seas and operated here and maybe they still do. Now that the Russian’s have reclaimed Crimea, could they possibly still be using this underground submarine base?

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