15 Craziest Statues EVER Built

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From some of the strangest animal sculptures to bizarre works of art, here are 15 Craziest Statues EVER Built

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6. Bregenz Festival Stage
The Vienna Orchestra is renowned for being one of the best in the world and they get to play on this pretty crazy statue during a festival in Austria. The stage actually floats over lake constance and the amphitheater is made to accustom up to 7000 guests which is quite large for an outdoor show on a lake! Contemporary artists get there chance to showcase some of their strange works like we see with this guy.

5. Ghost Church Statues
Located in the czech republic, you’ll certainly be glad this next one is just a statue. Built in 1352, it was home to many spontaneous fires and it seemed like it always needed repairs!. Finally in 1968, the entire roof fell out of nowhere, during a funeral service and they decided to give up! In order to restore a little bit of tourism to the area, they repaired the church, again, but decided to give it a twist. Ghost statues were added which makes because the czech people just enjoy making things creepy. It in all reality, it was done to symbolize the church’s dark past and to symbolize how many have thought it’s been cursed.

4. Olmec Ruins
The olmec civilization predates the maya and the aztecs and they’re known for some pretty crazy statues. On average, these stone heads weigh up to 8 tons each in weight of what many to believe to be that of former Olmec rulers. The mesoamerican civilization dates back from 1200 to 400 BC and they’re signified by the statues they’ve left behind. One question you have to ask yourself however, why is it always the head they find and never the body. These heads are also often found wearing a protective helmet which would have been worn during battle and ancient ball games. Many are wondering, where’s the rest of the body?

3. African Renaissance Monument
Here we see the largest statue in Africa which is located in the country of Senegal. It over looks the Atlantic Ocean and stands about 300 feet high. Made of bronze this is no easy statue to put on the credit card. Many criticized the statue and felt that the 27 million dollar price tag was a bit much considering how the money could probably help Senegal infrastructure. Their gdp however has seen a decent increase in recent years and maybe they hope to inspire a boost of morale to the african people.

2. Bulgarian Soviet Friendship Monument
Also located in the province of Varna, another imposing soviet moment stands stall made of solid concrete. This stands right on the coastline of the Black Sea, so that it can be visible to incoming ships. The location of the monument also has historical importance to it. It was built on Turna Hill which saw quite a bit of bloodshed, where russians launched an attack against the Ottomans in 1828. It takes 300 steps to reach the top and the monument is 160 feet across. The four sculptures you see are of 4 soviet soldiers who are coming to rescue 3 seemingly helpless Bulgarian women.

1. Cabazon Dinosaurs
If your driving from Phoenix to LA, there’s no way you’ll miss the Cabazon dinosaurs in Riverside County California. In order to attract more customers to a restaurant nearby, in 1964 sculptor Claude Bell complete construction of two dinosaur statues! Unlike some others we’ve mentioned on this list, you can actually go inside these statues and buy various gifts for your buddies. The T Rex gets the nickname Mr Rex and the brontosaurus gets the name Dinny. Dinny is the who’s got a slide on his tail. Strangely enough, the guy who built them actually believed that dinosaurs lived with humans at some point in time and various signs try to support his theory.

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