15 Abandoned Construction Projects

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From hotels on the Las Vegas Strip, to nuclear power plants in Eastern Europe here are 15 Abandoned Construction Projects.

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7. Fontainebleau Hotel and Casino
This infamously doomed project began in 2007 on the Las Vegas strip and was set to be the city’s tallest complete building with 68 floors. The site it was built on was historically a pretty popular area. However when the housing crisis hit Las Vegas in 2008, and further further development led to bankruptcy with the owner in 2009. An offer was made by Carl Ichan and eventually he auctioned off the furnishing of the building and much of it was scrapped by other casinos basically. While much of the construction is already done, various potential investors have sought to finish the job but not without a few extra billion dollars. Some believe the hotel will be ready to open in 2020 but who knows!

6. Abbey of Santissima Trinita
This religious complex found in southern italy contains various buildings and was once inhabited by monks in the late 11the century however they never completed the old church. You can see much of the foundation is set but there’s no roof which is probably the hardest part of construction. Construction this building began around 1075 AD but the date when the monastery’s construction began is unknown. Some believe it was once home to crusaders who fought in the holy land and didn’t have time to finish it. Eventually in the late 1899

5. National Monument of Scotland
With an important name such as the national monument of scotland, you would assume they would finish this thing right? Meant to resemble the parthenon in greece, it was constructed to pay tribute to the scottish soldiers who fought during the napoleonic wars. But it just didn’t work out! Overlooking the lowland from the top of calton hill, the people below. The foundation stone weighed an impress 6 tons and a ceremony for its placement took place in 1826. Finally the project ran out of funds and now it’s earned nicknames such as Scotland’s disgrace and other shameful names. People still take photos with it nonetheless.

4. Stendal Nuclear Power Plant
This was supposed to be eastern Germany’s largest nuclear power plant and in all of Germany. Located near the city of Arneburg, this was deep within soviet territory at the time of its construction. The site houses 4 reactors total with 2 different cooling towers and it almost seems like this one would be ready to be put to use. A critical moment in history however would lead to the demise of the project. During the reunification of Germany, scientists questioned the soviet design again and it’s possible they didn’t even know how to operate it. Instead of taking any chances with the design, they decided to just let it sit there abandoned. Eventually the two cooling towers were demolished with explosives.

3. Death Valley Castle
What’s a huge castle doing in the middle of the desert in possibly the hottest place on Earth? Scotty’s Castle is a two story Spanish mission style villa, located in Northern Death Valley. It’s known as Scotty’s Castle and it was built by Alberty Johnson who was convinced there was possibly gold in Death Valley somewhere by prospector Walter Scott. The claim turned out to be false however the two managed to become friends anyways. The mansion went unfinished due to the stock market crash in 1929 but tours are available for those who are intrigued by this place.

2. Wolmirstedt Substation
As you’ve probably noticed, the fall of the soviet union caused some construction projects to become abandoned and we see quite a bit of evidence of this in Germany. This substation was built in germany which was going to help improve the soviet grid in Eastern Germany but once again, the germans decided to pick the design from the west to be used. Both sides of germany were not able to be synchronized until 1993. Since the power plants needed to work in the same operation modes, the substation project here was abandoned and much of it was recycled.IN the long run though they felt that it was best to just give up on despite a the full completion of the railroad here

1.Moscow Abandoned Construction Projects
While there is the Alexanderplatz in Berlin and Eiffel tower in Paris, you really won’t see more than just one skyscraper in western european countries. Here in this photo, we see the modern skyscrapers that literally look like they’re scraping the skies. Although some of these skyscrapers are mainly vacant at the moment, Russia’s financial district proves to be at the very least, an impressive architectural achievement. There are many construction projects here that seemingly never end . It may take a while before people decide to completely inhabit this area so much of it is at least semi abandoned

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