13 scientific studies suggest ‘Little Ice Age’ looming

Global-warming diehards who converted their cause to “climate change” when the warming ceased a few years back are being dealt another blow as scientific forecasts of global cooling are about to take over.

“During 2017, 120 papers linking historical and modern climate change to variations in solar activity and its modulators (clouds, cosmic rays) have been published in scientific journals,” reported Kenneth Richard at NoTricksZone.

Richard compiled a list of multiple studies from the past few years drawing the same conclusion: It’s the sun’s activities that have a huge influence on whether earth’s temperatures vary. Thirteen forecast global cooling.

The global-warming alarmists contend mankind’s use of fossil fuels is irreparably heating up the earth’s average temperatures.

Global warming has become an industry, with the buying and selling of “carbon credits” that grant permission to use carbon fuel, massive tax plans to pay for alternative energy programs and more.

Richard explained: “It has been increasingly

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