12 Mysteries Science Cannot Explain

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Do YOU Believe in Ghosts ? Do you know why we dream what we do ? From giant skeletons; to different blood types; these are 12 Mysteries Science CANNOT Explain !

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4. Why Do We Dream and What Do They Mean
You might wake up in the morning after a strange dream takes over your consciousness but have you ever stopped to wonder why we dream and what it might mean about you? You probably think you’re totally crazy after some dreams and it’s normal. Many theories especially famous psychologist Sigmund Freud have spent years trying to analyze dreams and see if they can help us learn about ourselves. It’s fairly well understood that dreams can symbolize things deep into the human psyche but no one ever really knows why. Freud of course felt as though the dreams were related to repres sed sexual desires and pretty much everything you dream about, has something to do with that. It’s an important thing for scientists to better understand dreams especially since more and more people are being diagnosed with PTSD.

3. Different Blood Types
Humans have many different types of blood. There’s o, A, AB and then there’s the RH negative side of the spectrum and that’s a different story. But the reason we have different blood types seems to be nothing less than a total mystery. Some believe the reason for it due to our immune systems. Different types of blood seem to be better against certain disease. For example o blood which is more commonly found in africa seems to be better fitted for fighting against malaria. Since the blood cells are different, it’s possible they’ve evolved in order to be more resistant to diseases certain people are exposed to. Then there’s a RH negative blood which is even more of a mystery and it doesn’t contain the Rhesus protein which is a protein that’s still left over after humans evolved from apes. So if they don’t have this protein, does that make them not human? People with RH negative blood are apparently more often than not, people with green or blue eyes and reddish hair. Does this mean the whole country of ireland could have extraterrestrial origins or what?

2. Giant Skeletons
According to detailed Paiute legends, a group of red-haired giants inhabited Northwest Nevada, in a close proximity to where the petroglyphs were found. These giants were also known to be cannibals, that would relentlessly attack the Piutes and they ate them. In the area known as Lovelock’s cave, miners working here apparently discovered the mummified remains of extraordinary large skeletons in 1911. Some people believe this was a hoax in order to develop tourism in the area. Paleontologists found an extremely large amount of mammoth and bear bones in caves only 100 miles away.Mummies were discovered in 1940 Spirit Cave in the Stillwater Mountains and the remains are approximately 9400 years old, making it the oldest mummy found in North America. The mummy was found in a fur blanket and may have died from a fractured skull.

According to a recent poll, roughly 48 percent of people believe in ghosts in the US and could all of those people be wrong? That’s like 150 million people just in the US and more than half of women here are believers too. Although it certainly takes more than just a belief in order to make something exist, there have been ghost stories since the times of the ancient egyptians. Those who are firm believers of ghosts feel as though what we see is unused energy by a person who’s lost their life in unexpected manner. This is why more places where crimes are committed are said to be haunted. Others believe ghosts are from a mild hallucinatoin caused by unknowingly inhaling carbon monoxide. Whatever the case maybe, don’t try doing that to see if it works!

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