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Some big companies have supported the movement including Elon Musk who deleted the Space X profile. Maybe we shouldn’t have provided them with too much data, because it’s gotten completely out of hand, aggressive advertising techniques to Mark Zuckerberg’s real estate investments here are…

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4. Ruining Relationships
We’re sure that many people have reconnected through facebook with old friends or have even been able to start relationships with the social media outlet, but it’s nearly impossible to keep track of how many problems it’s caused! We all probably know at least one person whose had their relationship end because of poor social media choices. Whether it’s liking that sexy models post, or added a girl you knew from work, there are plenty of reasons why couples can get mad at eachother while on facebook. Does anyone remember the time you left your facebook open at a friends house or even worse, your girlfriends laptop. The truth is, if they want to look for something incriminating on facebook, they’ll find it. All your personal messages are right there, that you never planned on anyone else seeing. All she has to do is find one message to an ex that you sent when you were drunk and you better get your divorce lawyer ready! Cuz it’s over!

3. The Things Facebook Knows About You
Facebook probably doesn’t want you to know the things they know about you! Their advertising campaign has gotten more and more aggressive and they’ve compiled a large amount of info that just seems creepy to know about. It’s like they show your information to people that are going to stalk you from this information, right? We’d hope so. Anyways, facebook released a list of info they try to gather for advertisers and publishers. This includes the basic info you fill out like your age, gender, where you live, language, job, relationship status, school etc. But also some stuff you don’t fill out! Such as Income level, ethnicity, whether your in a long distance relationship, your type of credit card, if you listen to the radio, the tv shows you like, the stuff you bought recently, the list goes on! They might even know what color underwear you’re wearing! In any case though, facebook stocks have plummeted over the past month so there’s no telling how much they’ll continue to put our privacy on the line.

2. FBI All Along?
While there was evidence in the past that the NSA, CIA and FBI have been secretly spying on us through the internet, could facebook have really been created by a mysterious organization in the first place. The signs are right in front of us and we might not even know about it. FB has been the common abbreviation for facebook, which are also coincidentally the first two letters in the FBI, which were all familiar with. Facebook also owns an app known as Instagram which is their 2nd most successful social media and mysteriously, it starts with the letter I. What are the odds of this? Is this just merely a coincidence? I don’t know! A vast amount of wealth has been created from the program and with all of frightening capabilities we’ve noticed from Facebook, you’d have to wonder what their connection would be to the FBI or other government entities. This is the kinda stuff they don’t talk about in the movie called the social network! We’ve already seen how people have been caught with ridiculous crimes for posting things on facebook, but how many other crimes were uncovered just by simply digging through peoples messages. We don’t always know the answer but if you’re trying to have a secret convo, facebook messanger app isn’t the way to do it.

1. You Can Run But You Can’t Hide
Did you think that deleting your facebook was enough to keep them from tracking you? Well think again! Facebook owns several other apps and companies that requires you to have a facebook account in order you to use them. You might notice something like like, log in with your facebook account. And then you’re right back to where you started from. Apps and programs may require a facebook profile for you to log in with such as Tinder, couchsurfing, and instagram. So it looks like you’d have to delete those as well. The next best options for replacing instagram don’t seem to appealing to users. This includes sites such as flickr or pinterest and who knows when they’ll start handing out our data to advertisers. Snapchat is becoming one of facebook’s biggest competitors and there are rumors It seems like no matter what we do, there’s no hiding from facebook or the ads.

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