10 Shipwrecks in the Mediterranean

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If the ocean were completely drained, it would certainly help some some mysterious. From submarines that blew up for unknown causes, to ships revealing secrets from the past, here are 10 shipwrecks in the Mediterranean

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This ship originally from Sierra Leone was en route to Rhodes from Cyprus with a large cargo containing plasterboard. There isn’t a ton of info on how an accident occured but the crew of 9 men were stranded there for a long time before british authorities came to save them. This massive ship is still stuck there and no one has had the time to salvage the wreck scrap metal. Going on board is no longer allowed due to safety concerns but the cyprus government claims that the ship has been looted of all its cargo. There is also a large amount of oil directly underneath.

4. Empire Windrush
This passenger ship and cruise vessel was built by the Germans in 1930 and was transformed into a troopship during the conflict. The British took the impressive ship as a spoil of war and operated under their navy for nearly a decade. The reason why the ship caught on fire has still been somewhat of a mystery but it was likely due to poor maintenance. Some have theorized that there was corrosion in one of the ship funnels that lead to hot soot falling into the engine room. The soldiers were assisted by French rescue workers in algeria, which wasn’t too far from the site of the wreck. Rescue workers were quick to help which seriously limited the amount of casualties to only 4 fatalities. 224 crew members were safely evacuated which is great, considering the fact this ship is now 8,400 feet below the surface of the ocean. We don’t think there’s any scuba divers who can make it down there that far.

3. Eurydice Submarine
A mysterious event took place in March of 1970 off the calm seas of the French riveria, just 35 miles off the coast of Toulon. A submarine was diving the seas when a geophysical laboratory noticed shockwaves from an underwater explosion. Was it possibly their submarine? A French and italian search team went to go investigate what happened but it was already too late. No live passengers were recovered and no one had ever determined a reason for the explosion making it quite strange. Many family members weren’t satisified with the answer and some might even believe it was either an experiment gone wrong or some type of attack from the soviets. More mainstream explanations tend to claim it was most likely a faulty design. It should also be noted that a similar submarine known as the Minerve which was an experimental design went completely missing somewhere in the mediterranean. Even Jacques cousteau was sent to search for the vessel mais pas de chance. Where could this thing possibly be?

2. The USS Philadelphia (1799)
Here’s another american ship and you might be wondering what one of our navy was doing over here again. Maybe we should have learned the first time? The construction of this impressive ship took a little bit of crowdfunding from the people Philadelphia and it finally set seas in 1799. It’s main job was to catch French pirates impeaching trade routes in the west indies. The ship was rather successful in its first few confrvontations. During the first Barbary campaigns in 1803 on halloween the ship set sail to North Africa when they were confronted by pirates. The captain tried desperately to keep her afloat, this meant throwing some their valuables overboard. The rest of the ship was pillaged, the men were held captive and then rebuilt so she could sail once again. Now the enemy had Americas ship and we weren’t gonna have it. A brig set sail to tripoli harbor where it was borded and set ablaze in the harbor of tripoli. Could there still be treasure from this ship out there somewhere?

1. MS Zenobia
A large ferry hit the seas in 1979 and on its very first voyage or maiden voyage, it capsized completely and sank less than a year later off the coast of Cyprus! It seemed as though there was possibly a problem with the steering. 200 million dollars worth of cargo was destroyed and it’s a rather embarrassing disaster for the Swedes despite there being no casualties. However not all is lost from the ship. It’s become a massive scuba diving hotpot, rated for being within the top 10 best cscuba diving spots. Swimmers only need to make it down about 138 feet or so to witness t he wreck underwater. Many scuba divers are given the chance to explore the mysterious wreckage. This photo here shows part of the seaweed covered propeller which only got to make one good trip. Here we see some trucks that have fallen all the way to the bottom and will never get the chance to hit the streets again. Some unique challenges are presented to even some of the most experienced divers out there, with little entrances into the ship

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