Young woman sweating blood from her face and hands baffles doctors

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Treatment for the woman’s condition has only been partially successful

Italian doctors have been baffled by the case of a 21-year-old woman who sweats blood from her face and the palms of her hands.

In the extremely unusual case, the spontaneous bleeding lasts anywhere between one and five minutes. And it can occur at any time, whether during physical activity or even while she is asleep, although she said it is worse when she is stressed.

The blood appears despite the woman not having any skin lesions or obvious triggers for the bleeding, the Canadian Medical Journal reports

According to the report, the woman has been suffering the condition for three years and the doctors treating her in Florence are sure she is not faking it.

They have diagnosed her with an extremely rare condition called hematohidrosis, which affects only around one in 10 million people.

Doctors have been able

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