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World’s Most TREACHEROUS Lakes!

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From this mysterious red lagoon to an eerie toxic saltfilled inland sea here are the most treacherous lakes

5.Lake Champlain
Located right in between the two states of New York and Vermont, Lake Champlain was once a fisherman’s paradise with plenty of landlocked Atlantic salmon. That was until it was introduced to an invasive species known as the lamprey. This jawless fish is classified as a cyclostomata which includes other jawless, round mouth fish like hagfish. Looking directly down the mouth of a lamprey might send chills down your spine! The resemble eels in a way but don’t have any scales . They use their sharp teeth to clamp on to other animals to cut into the bodies of other animals and give them some vampire treatment. Despite the lake being safe for drinking and swimming, the lampreys The pesky critters began showing up sometime in the 1800’s. There are also rumors of large sea monsters at this lake so it might be good to express some caution

4.Lake Chagan
Also known as Lake Chagan in Kazakhstan, this is where the Russians were hoping to use nuclear devices for engineering projects, which already sounds like a bad idea. They detonated a large 140 kiloton nuclear bomb underground to produce a crater large enough for a lake. The bomb displaced 10 million cubic meters of soil from the ground . The site was chosen near a dry lake bed Chagan river. The crater measuring 100 meters deep and 430 meters wide was filled with water from the river and a radioactive lake was formed. Soviets believed the lake would be suitable for wildlife but every animal they brought here didn’t last too long. Residents who live nearby the lake, claim that the lake is contaminated and seeping into their tap water. In this photo we can see it still test positive for radioactive particles.

3.Lake Superior
Many adventure seekers might decide to come to lake superior to experience the breathtaking natural beauty but it might not be quite as peaceful as you’d like to imagine. Gusts of wind here have been known to terrorize kayakers and throw them off path. Some people have even reported seeing 30 foot tall waves at this lake and it reaches and it has the greatest depth of any of the great lakes. It can go down in some places as far as 1300 feet! Don’t even think about trying to swim here during winter! Lake superior is one of the youngest lakes on the north american continent and it never really seems to get any warmer than 40 degrees farenheit. It was created by retreating glacial ice water after the ice age was over with about 10000 years ago. By surface area, it’s the worlds largest freshwater lake and contains 10% of the world fresh water supply. But if you can’t handle the cold temperatures, you might wanna stay out!

2.Tonle Sap
This freshwater lake in Cambodia is connected to the Mekong River delta and is known to expand and contract quite often. It has a wide ecosystem that’s recently been protected under Unesco. What’s strange about this lake is that people actually live right over it instead of building on the banks of the lake. Otherwise, it’s very likely that any village would become flooded. It’s one of the most inhabited lakes and fisherman can make a decent living from the abundance of fish found here. During monsoon season, there can be so much rain pour that it causes the lake to flow backwards, making it swell to more than 5 times its normal size!


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