World’s COOLEST Special Service Vehicles

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From small and nimble vehicles that traverse desert terrain … to mammoth trucks and heavy transport behemoths … Here are 25 of the world’s coolest special service vehicles

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#9 Vespa 150 TAP (Bazooka Vespa)
The Italian company Vespa is best known for producing its famous scooters. But in 1956, a French vehicle manufacturer licensed by Vespa designed this model for use with paratroops. Unlike the civilian version, this model came complete with a mounted 75-millimeter recoilless anti-armor cannon. While it looks like the cannon could be fired while riding, the driver would actually have to stop the vehicle, then mount the cannon on a tripod, which was provided with the scooter.

#8 BTR-60
Developed in the late 1950s, this was the first in a series of Soviet eight-wheeled amphibious armored personnel carriers. Still in service, the vehicles were first used in real combat in 1969. They also saw action during the Soviet War in Afghanistan. Other countries importing the BTR-60 include India, North Korea, Iran, and ironically, Afghanistan.

#7 M-RAP (Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected)
As their name implies, these big machines are specifically built to withstand attacks from IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) and ambushes. They’re designed with V-shaped hulls that deflect explosive forces from IEDs or land mines underneath the vehicle. And that protects the vehicle and the passengers within. Depending on the model, MRAP vehicles can weigh up to 18 tons (16,329 kg). More than 12,000 of them were deployed during the Iraq War and the War in Afghanistan. But production of MRAP vehicles was halted in 2012.

#6 M-1249
This mechanical behemoth is known as a Military Recovery Vehicle, or MRV. You might think of it as pumped of version of a tow truck. The M1249 has the wherewithal to recover any military combat vehicle that has been stuck or damaged. That includes the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles as well, and they can weigh up to 36,000 pounds (16 metric tons)!

#5 Otokar Cobra
Manufactured in Turkey, this is an infantry mobility vehicle that can serve a variety of military missions. That includes anti-tank vehicle, armored personnel carrier, and turreted vehicles for firing machine guns, cannons, and missiles. As if that’s not enough, the Cobra can function as an amphibious combat vehicle as well.

#4 TPz Fuchs (f’yooks)
This armoured personnel carrier can also have an amphibious adaptation, depending upon the model. Manufactured in Germany, it’s used by that country’s army. But other armed, including the US and Saudi Arabia, use it as well. Definitely a multi-tasker, the TPz Fuchs can provide troop and engineer transport, electronic warfare, and NBC — that stands for Nuclear, Biological and Chemical reconnaissance.

#3 Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle or EFV (thumb?)
The EFV was designed as an amphibious assault vehicle for the US Marine Corp, but it never had the chance to see active duty. Fast, heavily armored and carrying superior firepower, it would have been launched from from an amphibious assault ship, then carried a Marine rifle squad to shore. Originally planned for deployment in 2015, the EFV project was cancelled in 2011.

#2 Humvee (High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle)
You might have noticed a couple of vehicles on our list are intended to replace this iconic military vehicle used by the US Army. The four wheel drive military light truck has been produced since 1984, and gained a lot of attention when it was used in the Gulf War in 1991. It’s primary purpose is for transporting personnel and supplies, not as a front line fighting vehicle. It later inspired a civilian version known as the Hummer. Did you know that version came about in large part to Arnold Schwarzenegger, who wanted a Humvee after seeing a convoy of them while filming a movie?


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