Will Trump Tear Up NAFTA?

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Consolidated News Photos/NewscomThe future of free trade in North America is up in the air as the Trump administration’s talks with Mexico and Canada continue to stumble.

U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer recently announced negotiations on the North American Free Trade Agreement would be pushed back into spring of 2018. But unofficial negotiations are already very much underway—and happening out in the open.

President Donald Trump has threatened to withdraw from the deal if Canada and Mexico aren’t more conciliatory. This week, the Trump administration reiterated its hopes that a renegotiated NAFTA deal would require a higher percentage of automobiles’ content are made in America. Mexican officials rejected the proposal, leading some to speculate if the president is willing to make good on his promises terminate the trade agreement. Meanwhile, congressional Republicans are trying to restrain Trump’s eagerness to dump NAFTA, warning that it would cause economic troubles at home

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