Will More Federal Spending Fix D.C.’s Metro System?

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Rep. Barbara Comstock (R – Va.), on Monday unveiled the “METRO Accountability and Reform Act,” intended to set the troubled Washington Metro Area Transportation Authority (WMATA) system right.

Her bill includes several sweeping, positive reforms to WMATA’s governing structure and labor relations.

And a request for a $75 million annual boost in federal subsidies. Currently, WMATA receives $150 million in annual appropriations from federal tax payers, which helps supplement it’s $2.6 billion operating budget. Comstock’s bill would raise that yearly subsidy to $225 million.

The money is essentially being offered as a bribe in order to get stakeholders to go along with the more controversial changes in the bill, and to forestall some sort of Metro-wide sales tax—an idea loathed by many.

“Years of deferred maintenance, increasing budget deficits and decreasing ridership on Metro threatens the safety and reliability of the system,” said Comstock in a press release.

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