Will 2020 Be Oprah vs. Trump?

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Carlos Amaya/Sipa USA/NewscomThe next presidential election is almost three years away, and yet it appears the race already has its frontrunner: Oprah Winfrey.

Center-left Twitter, where endless optimism about government in general mixes with apoplectic rage and fear about the government we currently have, is suddenly swooning over the idea, with numerous media personalities and fans tweeting out their endorsements:

Please do it. #Oprah2020 https://t.co/52633NZgIV

— Lady Gaga (@gagamonster96) January 8, 2018

As I sit here in tears…I have never ever seen such a speech. @Oprah, my friend. Please run for President. This world needs more of THAT. WOW.

— Billy Gilman (@BillyGilman) January 8, 2018

This isn’t the first Oprah-for-president boomlet. (Reason covered similiar musings last March.) This latest Winfrey craze was sparked by a speech the media mogul gave at the Golden Globes last night about sexual harassment and the role of women in society. That

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