WHY Warn the Lost?

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on End Times Prophecy Report

A recent discussion touched upon the topic of warning the lost about what is to come.

The discussion covered how warning the lost is a thankless, tiresome, never-ending job with an EXTREMELY low chance of success. The lost almost universally do not heed warnings because 1- they do not feel they are lost; 2- the lost compare themselves to others in a similar situation as themselves: “I’m not so bad. Why warn me?”  3- The lost are absolutely deceived; and, 4- We live in a time when the truth of God’s Word has been replaced by the ignorance and deception of man’s words.

It has taken Satan almost 2000 years, but his constant challenging of God’s Word is institutionalized everywhere in America–and much of the world.

So, by and large, the warnings to the lost are completely ignored.

The question was raised, “Then why do it?

It was then

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