Why ‘The Benedict Option’ is not an option for Christians

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There has been quite a buzz about Rod Dreyer’s The Benedict Option. It’s sold a lot of copies already. In the UK the Spectator magazine did a feature on the book. In the USA, Christianity Today did a multi-page spread and the legendary New York Times columnist David Brooks wrote an op-ed about it. This book has received (mostly) critical acclaim.

Rod Dreher has argued that Christians should withdraw from the world.QLife/YouTube

Rod Dreher is an American conservative Christian who has written a clarion call to the Church with a radical response to the prevailing western culture. Dreher is very concerned about the health of the American Church. He seems to have a point. He helpfully points out a number of worrying indicators of the Church’s health.

First, he reveals a sub-biblical understanding of the gospel by many young people (and adults too, in my opinion) who call themselves Christians. Dreher

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