Why does Jesus say to ‘shake the dust off your feet’?

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Actor Jim Caviezel portraying Jesus in “The Passion of the Christ.”

It’s among the most intriguing statements ever spoken by Jesus, and yet it’s rarely ever discussed, let alone explained, in church.

The instruction by the Son of God to “shake the dust” off our feet has had countless believers wondering what He was really talking about.

Now, a brand-new book championing the truth of the Bible and surprising readers with stunning statements in Scripture is proffering a clear explanation of the mysterious declaration.

“When people read the Bible, it is important to connect the dots between Scriptures, because the Bible explains itself,” says Joe Kovacs, author of the best-selling “Shocked by the Bible 2.”

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“We cannot expect to understand the meaning of something cryptic by making wild guesses. It’s important to read the Bible, and by that I mean the ENTIRE Bible, and accept the words

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