Why Are We Here?

One of the more enduring questions posed by man’s “big thinkers” is:

Why is man here?

Another similar question is “What is man’s purpose on earth?”

The purpose of man–and why he was created–is clearly set forth in God’s Word: the Bible.

But it is a purpose which proud men have resisted since the beginning.

“And they shall be my people, and I will be their God:”
Jeremiah 32:38

The Bible makes clear, both in the Old and New Testament, that God is looking for a people to which He can be a God.

To that end, He set up the earth, created man and gave man the ability to NOT choose God.

By giving man free will (and surrounding him with a plethora of other, ungodly choices), He ensured that those few who DID choose God would be sincere in their choice.

God has made clear his aim to

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