When we agree on principles but still disagree

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Religion News Service

Often in our divided world we disagree with someone about a principle.

Person A says that what matters is reproductive freedom and B says that what matters is protecting the unborn. Person C says that what matters is protecting American security and D says that what matters is hospitality to refugees from tortured lands.

Principles conflict and we can’t agree on what’s right. That’s one kind of argument. It usually doesn’t get very far, because if we disagree on principles we often find ourselves in a deadlock rather quickly.

But sometimes we actually agree on principles while still disagreeing on how best to put them into practice.

Person E says that what matters is compassion to the poor — very happily, F agrees. But F thinks compassionate care for the poor is best handled by the church, and E envisions a greater role for government.

Or, both E and F

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