What were Mark Twain’s views on Islam?

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Samuel Clemens aka Mark Twain

“Mark Twain,” a river measurement meaning 12-feet-deep, was the pen name of Samuel Langhorne Clemens. Growing up on the Mississippi, Clemens left school at age 12 when his father died. He became a printer’s apprentice, then piloted steamboats till the War between the States suspended river traffic.

Samuel Langhorne Clemens joined the Confederates, but after two weeks obtained a discharge to work for his brother Orion, who was secretary to Nevada’s governor. After an attempt at mining, Clemens became a reporter in Virginia City, Nevada, using the name “Mark Twain” for the first time. He moved to California, and in 1866, sailed to Hawaii as a reporter.

In 1867, a newspaper funded his voyage to the Mediterranean. While on this trip, he saw the picture of his friend’s sister, Olivia Langdon of Elmira, New York. Immediately upon his return, he met and married her.

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