What are the three pillars of Judaism, and why is ‘hutzpah’ so important today?

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What are the three pillars of Judaism? What are the threesome that hold Judaism up so that it carries on under adversity and refuses (despite the best efforts of others) to be swallowed up, fade away, or die?

Believe it or not, Judaism has been around for 4000 years, and is often flourishing in unexpected places.

For whenever Judaism is reviled, beaten up, expelled or murdered, it always pops up again, unexpectedly, and does so with grace, thoroughly enriching the areas it currently inhabits.

So what do Christians think are the reasons for Judaism’s astonishing survival against the odds?

These are the views of former Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams


‘The things that come to mind for me are 1) Torah, obviously, and thus the notion of covenant. 2) The Land as the enduring sign of divine promise and fidelity. 3) And I suppose

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