Virginia Can Do More to Improve Animal Welfare: New at Reason

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vhcmorThe state legislature is considering a number of measures, but none that deal with police officers killing dogs.

A. Barton Hinkle writes:

“If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog,” goes an old saying mistakenly attributed to Harry S. Truman. In fact, Truman once gave away a cocker spaniel puppy that had been given to him, earning him the enmity of dog-lovers across the country.

Lawmakers in Virginia will face a slightly different test of their sympathies this year when the General Assembly takes up numerous animal-welfare bills.

Among them is a measure (SB 28) proposed by Republican state Sen. Bill Stanley, which would prohibit giving state funds to any organization that conducts “medically unnecessary” research on animals that causes “significant pain or distress.” The bill was prompted by revelations about experiments at the Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center that induced heart attacks in dogs and

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