Vermont’s U.S. Attorney Says Safe Injection Sites Encourage Illegal Drug Use. The Research Says She’s Wrong.

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A nurse at the Insite safe injection clinic in Vancouver, B.C., holds a basket of clean supplies. Credit: Darryl Dyck/ZUMA Press/NewscomThe United States attorney with jurisdiction over Vermont announced this week that a proposal to introduce supervised injection facilities (SIFs) in the state would be illegal under federal law and would “encourage and normalize heroin use.”

Vermont legislators are considering supervised injection facilities due to the state’s massive increase in opioid overdose deaths. In November, a group of local law enforcement and medical professionals in Chittenden County, Vermont, concluded an eight-month study of SIFs by announcing that the state legislature should legalize them.

Such facilities have operated for years in Canada, Australia, many cities in Europe, and Iran. They allow heroin users a safe place to inject, clean needles, and access to social workers and medical staff.

The list of SIF proponents in Vermont includes Patricia Fisher, a physician at

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